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  1.    I have reviews on my site now, users can leave a review when they are and are not logged in. I would like to have it added so when someone does a review, and they actually purchased the item it will have a logo or bold text by their name saying "Verified Purchaser". If they did not buy it then it will not show the logo/text.Is there an add-on for this, or a way I can add this in so it does this?




  2. I am just trying to get this mod to work I have installed the sql file and made the mods to the files by adding the code but it is not working. I have other mods installed so my code is not orignal basic install. Not sure if this is the issue and just need to know what line the code needs to be on. Right now I get errors in my product_info.php file for catalog and the menu item is not showing up in the admin screen on the left.

    Arghhh :( someone please help.