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  1. Hi Tom, I moved my shop to Heart Internet and I think they use MYSQL5. After having the problems I changed my protx_process.php code according to the quote above and also modified index.php and advanced_search_result.php to b e compatible with MYSQL 5. Initially i thought everything was fine and working well and left it for a few months. In fact it's not the case as there is something seriously wrong witht he shop (no wonder why no orders have come through for a long while). The problem is that whenever you add an item to the basket and click on checkout you will not see the item you added inside your basket but instead you will see 2 other products which u have not actually added at all, not even when you last log in to your account or visit the site. I am now not sure what to do and really need your help or anyone else that can solve this problem. thank you very much mangotrees
  2. i'm not sure if it's correct. however, i can see that my order_id and vendortxcode display the same thing i.e. if order_id is 1078 then the vendortxcode is 1078 as well. also the timestamp seems to be a bit funny as you noticed. please help mangotrees
  3. the format of is fine. protx adds 0 in front automatically. try enter your shared SSL IP address and see if that helps. i remebered when i configured my one i entered 2 ip addresses, one for SSL and one for non ssl. mangotrees
  4. i'm not sure about the timestamps. but i definitely placed a test order then go to admin section and tried to abort the payment. i'm not really sure what to do. mangotrees
  5. thanks tom, that's sorted. however, i found another problem with one of the site i manage. i never bother aborting/releasing transaction within admin section until yesterday i thought i tried. upon trying i got an error message below: this is a table inside admin section. it doesn't look like a table as i just do a copy and paste job :-) Payment Method: Credit/Debit Cards Time Payment Type Value Status Status Detail AVS/CV2 Check Address Check Postcode Check CV2 Check 3D Secure Action 2007-09-13 22:23:07 CANCEL INVALID 4028 : The RelatedVPSTxId cannot be found. 0 2007-09-13 22:24:33 DEFERRED 13.7000 OK 0000 : The Authorisation was Successful. ALL MATCH MATCHED MATCHED MATCHED OK Abort / Release i'm not really sure if this has been answered before. mangotrees
  6. here it is Tom Request URL= Data string sent=VPSProtocol=2.22&TxType=DEFERRED&Vendor=sepexit&VendorTxCode=16-37420048120669124628205521016118&Amount=538.00&Currency=GBP&Description=Order+Number%3A+16&CardHolder=Seksun+Hunsawaeng&CardNumber=4929000000006&StartDate=&ExpiryDate=0309&IssueNumber=&CV2=123&CardType=VISA&BillingAddress=88+Road+Name+Road%2C%0D%0A%2C%0D%0ANorthampton%2C%0D%0AAll+In+UK%2C%0D%0AUnited+Kingdom&BillingPostCode=NN41+2AB&DeliveryAddress=111+road+road%2C%0D%0Alondon%2C%0D%0Alondon%2C%0D%0AUnited+Kingdom&DeliveryPostCode=e2+0qn&CustomerName=saeksun+hunsawaeng&ContactNumber=02089819200& Protx response= Response array=Array ( [0] => ) curl_error= error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /usr/home/builder/pb_work_dir/plesk7.5.4_hotfix6_7.5.4/psa/lib/dist/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt CApath: none
  7. I have an identical problems with my new site. my protx module is though 4.4. have you fixed this problem yet. Or has Tom come up with anything? mangotrees
  8. hi ski, it's getting closer. the tax is correct, however my total is not, it's 1 pence out. you can try and check it on my test site and see if you can do anything. thank you, mangotrees.
  9. hi ski, i saw your order, but you chose Check/Money Order as your pyament method. I removed that option, only Goolge is there now. Please check again. i am still haing problems with Tax not being carried to Google Checkout. Anyone in UK using this module. please help. you can check my test site on
  10. hi ski, thanks for your reply, i have also tried the code below as you suggested in a pos earlier: $data .= ' <shipping-methods>' . $eol; $data .= ' <flat-rate-shipping name="' . htmlentities($order->info['shipping_method']) . '">' . $eol; $data .= ' <price currency="' . $order->info['currency'] . '">' . number_format($order->info['shipping_cost'], 2, '.', '') . '</price>' . $eol; $data .= ' <shipping-restrictions>' . $eol; $data .= ' <allowed-areas>' . $eol; $data .= ' <world-area/>' . $eol; $data .= ' </allowed-areas>' . $eol; $data .= ' </shipping-restrictions>' . $eol; $data .= ' </flat-rate-shipping>' . $eol; $data .= ' </shipping-methods>' . $eol; but still the tax doesn't work. Regarding the tax rate showing on my site, i set it to show prices with tax included in Admin therefore you saw that funny numbers, anyway, i reset it back so it should show correct figure now. anyway, please help as i am desparate to get this working. by the way, does CT's shop based in UK? if yes, do you mind sharing that code with me. Thank you, mangotrees
  11. still no joy. i downloaded the new update which contains the fix as described in your post but still does not work for me. you can try this out on my test site at please help mangotrees
  12. hi all, I have installed this module and everything seems to work fine apart from one thing TAX i.e. the tax doesn't seem to be carried to google checkout. On google checkout page (i.e. sandbox) it displayed product with price, delivery charge and total, underneath total there is a text saying "(includes VAT £0.00)". In UK, VAT is 17.50% which is set up correctly and work fine with any other payment module but for whatever reason, this would not work for me. can you guys help? Do i need to edit anything else in catalog/includes/modules/payment/google.php apart from one below $data .= ' <shipping-taxed>false</shipping-taxed>' . $eol; please help thank you mangotrees
  13. how about the last line that said: curl_error: i dont't think my simulator account is created as i get the below message in debug mode VPSProtocol=2.22&TxType=PAYMENT&Vendor=simplythai&VendorTxCode=51-93911413574326238481452772992586&Amount=20.53&Currency=GBP&Description=Order+Number%3A+51&CardHolder=hunsawaeng+seksun&CardNumber=4111111111111111&StartDate=&ExpiryDate=0209&IssueNumber=&CV2=321&CardType=VISA&BillingAddress=36+henry+addlington+close%2C%0D%0A%2C%0D%0Alondon%2C%0D%0AMainland+UK+%28MD%29%2C%0D%0AUnited+Kingdom&BillingPostCode=ex+xxx&DeliveryAddress=xx+xxxxxxx+addlington+xxxxxx%2C%0D%0A%2C%0D%0Alondon%2C%0D%0AMainland+UK+%28MD%29%2C%0D%0AUnited+Kingdom&DeliveryPostCode=xx+xxx&ContactNumber=02xxxxxxxx00& VPSProtocol=2.22 Status=INVALID StatusDetail=VSP Simulator cannot find your vendor name in its database. The simulator saw the Vendor Name 'simplythai' curl_error: please help mangotrees
  14. Hi Stu, I think Royal Mail have changed their prices again recently (quiet change), have you got any plan to update your module? mangotrees