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  1. TechieTW

    osC / phpBB bridge problem

    Here is a link to the site, if you try and create a profile you will see what I am talking about. After experiencing the error, click the back buttton and then try and log in. You will see that the profile is created but the session errors out. Any suggestions? Check it out for yourself..!..!..! :(
  2. TechieTW

    osC / phpBB bridge problem

    No help? I'm bummin now...(kinda weird replying to my own post!).... :-"
  3. After completing the form in create_account.php, when the new user clicks the continue button, the following error screen appears. The user is created in the database, but the create_account_sucess.php never loads because of this error. Can anyone assist?
  4. TechieTW

    [Contribution] phpBB-osCommerce Bridge

    For some reason I cannot access phpBB Admin Panel from the osCommerce Admin pannel. I get this error screen.... >_< I have been reading this thread and I tried inserting the code after line 10 in forum_admin_login.php. It returns the value "Resource id#39" and it is shown in the screenshot using the link above. Does anyone know what that value represents? My GROUP_ID is 16, no where near 39, and I'm totally stumped. BTW I have installed both phpBB and osCommerce with zero mods. I have not modified anything. I figure I need to make sure 100% functionality is there first before wasting time on the 'bling'. I also have a problem creating a new account. I get an error message, however, if I click back, the database is updated.... Anyone have the same problem? The only thing that is working correctly is the "Forums" link inside the Configuration section of the osCommerce Admin Panel (below Sessions and above Catalog in the left column of the screenshot link above).... :-"
  5. Hi I cannot log in from the osC Admin Panel to the forums. Click here for the screen shot. I inserted (echo $adminCheck;) after to get "Resource id#39" to display in the upper left corder of the screen. I tripple checked the database and values and still cannot figure out why I cannot get into the phpBB admin module using the osCommerce bridge. Can anyone assist? :blush:
  6. Note: I replaced my database name with "thenameofmydatabase" and the same with the actual username and user_password for obvious reasons. This is what I see when I click the "phpBB Admin" link from the Administration Panel. I have checked the database and the tables. The tables exist and the values are correct, o extra spaces or characters. Am I missing something? :blush:
  7. TechieTW

    Using products_id to pass through Paypal as item_number

    I'm sorry. The correct line number is 295 in paypal_ipn.php :blush: This is where you can define your pass through variables. Keep in mind Paypal processes only 2. (If you are not using options for your items, you can define two here. I apologize for any confusion caused by the wrong line#. :)
  8. TechieTW

    Using products_id to pass through Paypal as item_number

    :thumbsup: Thanks Sonia! With your help I added the following line in /osCommerce/catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php (under line 545) with successful results. $parameters['item_number_' . $item] = $order->products[$i]['model']; The Paypal variable 'item_number_' will be defined = to the ocCommerce item's model value. (products_model) This is exactly what I needed to do. You could also define the item_number_ = products_id Personally, I like the idea of using the 'model' value so it can be easily edited in the administrator module. Now I'm stylin'! B)
  9. TechieTW

    Using products_id to pass through Paypal as item_number

    Thank you! I have some programing knowledge but not that much with PHP (yet) :blush: . Where would I insert this statement? Shouldn't there be some sort of 'item_number =' included used?
  10. TechieTW

    Newby paypal IPN question

    Are you using a private SSL or a public SSL? If public, disable those settings using your admin module. Edit the settings in paypal_ipn. I use a public SSL so I didn't define any of the ssl data and it works fine.
  11. Does anyone know how to prepopulate Paypal's 'item_number' variable using the osCommerce variable 'products_id' ? :huh:
  12. TechieTW

    External download manager using Paypal_IPN

    Thanks for clarifying. Do you know where in the post payment process I can safely redirect the buyer to my download page? (what .php file and if possible, what line?) I'm reading/learning as I go with this modification. I just don't want to redirect until the order and it's details have been used by osCommerce. I want to inject my redirect right after that process is done but before the continue button is clicked. (if possible). Thanks again for your time.
  13. TechieTW

    External download manager using Paypal_IPN

    Basically I am trying to send data FROM ipn.php TO another .php page at a different location on my site. The URL (for example's sake) is http://mydomain.com/specialfolder/myverifypurchase.php The data I am trying to send is variable definitions from the Paypal IPN data. Maybe I'm not understanding the syntax but doesn't this command READ? How would I send the data? I'm sorry, I'm new to PHP. Also, is there an E-Book out there that you could recomend? One that I can download right away? Thanks for your quick reply and recommendation.
  14. I am using an external download processor that needs to verify purchase of an item. I am trying to send the $payer_email and $item_number to another url from inside ipn.php. I placed my script in between line 111 & 112 of ipn.php. It looks something like this: echo "<script type='text/javascript'>location.href ='http://mydomain.com/specialfolder/myverifypurchase.php?email=$payer_email&item=$item_number';</script>"; My order is changed to VERIFIED, but my data does not send. Can anyone help me with the placement or perhaps a better syntax to use for the data transfer? This one really has me stumped.
  15. TechieTW

    Paypal testing using Paypal sandbox

    Go to http://www.sandbox.paypal.com and log in. This is what I did. 1. Create a user in my store's database that I use for all my sandbox transactions (for testing). Define the test user's email address to be the same as your sandbox user's email address. (makes it easy) 2. Make sure my PayPal module is set to TEST and not LIVE. 3. Create a Sandbox business account on the PayPal developer site and launch it. 4. Configure your autoreturn in the Sandbox business account (profiles). 5. Create a Sandbox user account on the PayPal developer site. 6. Log my sandbox user into the store and place an order. I am not familiar with your specific config. but in a nut shell that is all I did. Most importantly, just make sure that you have both a user and business sandbox account, enable your paypal mod to be in test mode with your business sandbox email address in the config., Also, make sure you verify your sandbox business and user accounts. Hope this helps!