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  1. That itself is the problem. Safe URLs should be turned on; because the search engine rewrite is clearly still on, as its the only transform function in osC to switch query strings for slashes.
  2. As I said in my previous post, I commented out the calls to the function from application_top, thus 'uninstalling' it and leaving everything up to STS, but I still appear to get the error mentioned: Can you suggest why this might be? The sts_display_output file is brand spanking new from the 1.8 archive.
  3. Installing the Header tag controller and STS 1.8 seems to be problematic, at least for me. Having installed both contributions, when viewing any page, I got this error: Which seems to be because the application_top and sts_display_output are both requiring the same files. Commenting out either group appears to fix that, however, it gives rise to another problem, which is this: and line 189 is: Can anyone help me figure out why this is? (running on a local machine [win32, apache 1.3, php 4.23]) Everything else seems to work locally, so I can only assume its a problem with the combination of the two.
  4. _pleb

    Purchase without account

    I imagine one could add a messagestack to the page for sign up errors, I just don't have the time at the moment to look at doing it. Hence my quest to find a suitable solution. Jeanmich, how can you tell when someone has used PWA? In MS2.2 afaik it looks just like another sign up for a proper account...
  5. We've been using purchase without account contribution for a little while now, and its come to my attention that if a user uses the PWA (order without signing up) for their first order, they subsequently cannot use the same email address either for creating an account, or ordering again without an account. I remember seeing a big thread on this and the general principles of ordering without an account recently, but I've lost the link. How can i let customers become return customers so they can either use the PWA contrib, or sign up for our site? Can anyone direct me to the thread (which discussed not using the email address as a unique index, or something?) or to a solution? Would guest account solve the problem? ( It would be much easier to solve problems if the forum search engine was actually useful, and indeed the contributions search, too :\ )
  6. _pleb

    How To? & Where?

    see this contrib. I guess.
  7. Is it not at all possible to have gzip compression enabled with SEF Link transformer? I have the contrib successfully installed since day one (its chuffing great!), but turning on gzip compression reverts all linking structure to file.ext?=query and we could do with conserving bandwidth where possible. Our shopping cart works, to the best of my knowledge, and the htaccess is a four-line rewrite rule (in esscence) that can just be appended to the existing root file. Of course, just installing the link transformer won't have any real impact on your listings in Google (indeed, the query strings osC uses are as basic as it comes, and are pretty much built for indexing, and Google is quite capable of dealing with them), unless you find some way to list your category names in the URLs, and even this is of debatable worth. Out of interest, why do you forward the domain to a subdirectory? Why don't you just move the catalog contents into the root for the domain? Thats how we've done it.
  8. solved: tep_array_merge is now array_merge; seems to fix it (ish).
  9. I'm attempting to install aforementioned contribution (url) on my osC system, but I'm coming unstuck. I'm running MS2, which may or may not be an issue, because the contrib. doesn't specify which it works for. When looking at a page of reviews (by clicking on product reviews) I get this output (all one one line): TABLE_HEADING_NUMBER TABLE_HEADING_AUTHOR TABLE_HEADING_RATING TABLE_HEADING_READ TABLE_HEADING_DATE_ADDED There are currently no product reviews. Even worse than that, when looking at admin > catalog > reviews I get this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in /serverpath/htdocs/sitename/admin/reviews.php on line 225 with 225 being $review_info = tep_array_merge($reviews_text, $reviews_average, $products_name); Can anyone help? I'm obviously removing it for the moment, which isn't ideal. Cheers