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    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    Im working on the next version of the ikobo module at the moment. It will incorporate the recover carts contribution to help track what customers have ordered. This is as far as I know the onlt way to track what a customer has purchased until ikobo setup a return URL system.
  2. cralyn

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    Module has been released. See the following thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=111522
  3. cralyn

    ikobo payment processor with osCommerce

    I have created an online ikobo payment module and am in the process of testing it before releasing it to the community.
  4. cralyn

    iKobo - payment module

    Kiran, The IPN they are talking about is not the same as PayPal. Its basically something that is totally different and has the same name. Currently ikobos IPN is just what it says. It instantly notifies you of a received payment. Nothing else.
  5. cralyn

    iKobo - payment module

    I have spoken with ikobo and they currently DO NOT support third party shopping carts. It is something they will look at in the future. For now it will have to be an offline payment module.
  6. cralyn

    iKobo - payment module

    I have setup a very basic ikobo module for my store. Im still testing it. If anyone is interested or wants to help with development, feel free to PM me.
  7. cralyn

    E-gold payment module installation error

    Comment out lines 25 and 27 That will fix the problem.
  8. cralyn

    HELP!... E-gold module error

    You need to comment out lines 25 & 27. That will fix the problem.
  9. Greetings all. I have just completed a dynamic DHTML Category menu for OSC header. Im looking for a copule of people to test the install before I upload to contributions. If you want to see the menu in action visit http://www.cralyn.com Im also looking for someone to help with some of the coding for this menu to allow configuration values to be set in admin. Enjoy.
  10. cralyn

    Hyperwallet & Stormpay Modules?

    e-gold module is now complete. Anyone wanting to see it please contact me.
  11. cralyn

    Hyperwallet & Stormpay Modules?

    I haveshed creating my StormPay module if anyone still needs it. I'll be working on HyperWallet next, and maybe e-gold also.
  12. cralyn

    Alternative to Paypal modules..?

    I have just got the StormPay mod to work on my site. If anyone wants to try it out PM me.
  13. cralyn

    DHTML Menu Help Please

    try removing the extra 2 languages that come preinstalled in the site. In Admin you can remove the languages. This should fix the problem.
  14. cralyn

    Australia post shipping module need

    Is there a way to add a simple if statement that would basically disable the austpost mod when the product weight is greater than 20kg. I am having the problem that whenever the cart weight is greater than 20kg the shipping shows as $0.00. This happens on both 1 x 20kg item and 4 x 5kg items. I have downloaded and installed the latest version of this contribution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. No admin controls yet... Its being looked into at the moment. I'll keep you all posted.
  16. The contribution has been posted to http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1238 Please note this is only version 1. More changes to be made include ability to change menu fonts, colors, size and location in admin.
  17. cralyn

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    Possible Bug: When deciding what to display in admin for "listing Settings" i have turned off show long answer, but it still shows on the site when FAQ is clicked on. Anyone have any ideas?
  18. cralyn


    The only way I have found to add extra categories is to do it manually. i have completed a site which has amost 40 categories on the custom creator. I'd offer to post the code, except theres way too much to post.
  19. cralyn


    Helps if i post the URL properly:
  20. cralyn


    I have just finished modifying the custom computer...its a huge job if you want to add more categories. I now have 38 categories, all in individual boxes showing different types of products. If you want to check it out go to http:
  21. cralyn

    Fedex Zone Contrib version 2.0 ready

    Anyone? Is this contribution buit to work in MS1?
  22. cralyn

    Fedex Zone Contrib version 2.0 ready

    Any ideas anyone? Im getting the following error Im using MS1 on a linux machine. Thanks
  23. cralyn

    Fedex Zip Zones 1.3 released

    Tim, Thanks for your reply. You are exactly correct about what I need. Look forward to seeing your fix for this. Craig
  24. cralyn


    I have managd to get the extra categories to work. But for some reason cant get them to transfer from the build page to the custom checkout. Im pretty sure its something do do with the variables not being passed to the custom_checkout.php page. If anyone has any ideas let me know...maybe between a few of us we can come up with a solution.
  25. cralyn


    Has anyone figured out how to add extra categories yet? I have got as far as I can with this... The extra categories are shown, products are shown, but when you click on build/submit and all the products are listed except for the new categories. They are shown as "Array" Any one have any ideas?