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  1. thank you very much. I will try that this evening when/IF my 12 month old ever goes to SLEEEEEP! lol
  2. well, if nobody can help me with my above question, is it possible to let me know a different feature I can use to allow a percentage discount code for customers? I don't really need the gift voucher option. Help, Help, Help??? I know NOTHING!
  3. I am getting the following error on my shopping cart box when I sign in as an account user... Shopping Cart (box heading) 1146 - Table 'scart.TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER' doesn't exist select amount from TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER where customer_id = '2' [TEP STOP] I have installed all the tables using PHPMyAdmin and the sql files inclded, so I'm not sre why it is saying that the table doesn't exist. I know that it is there. I have removed and reinstalled it several times just to be sure. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I am DESPERATE! LOL... please help.
  4. I was so excited, I worked the entire day straight through to get the Option Type Feature installed. I encountered plenty of problems, but for once, I was able to figure things out without having to post for help... But, when I went to test the feature in my shopping cart I am finding that the text entered in the text field is not showing up in my cart or order info. I DID make sure that my 'PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_VALUE_TEXT_ID' was correctly set to 0 in my configure.php file - the text option is set at 0 on my table as well. So I'm pretty sure that is right. Also, I went through the 'read me' file from the contribution and I am positive I have not made the following mistake --- "Also make sure that your product attribute is associated with the correct Option and Option Value. A common mistake is to associate a text Option with an Option Value other than TEXT." If anybody could please give me some other suggestions as to where the problem might lie I would really appreciate it. I was really proud of myself, until it didn't work! :oops: