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  1. I installed the "additional instructions" and now I'm seeing some decent URLs. Still some work to do, but it's working in general, which is good. Any optimization suggestions would be helpful...
  2. I've looked through about twenty pages of this thread and didn't see the answer, so I apoligize if this is a repeat. I installed the latest version of this contribution and had no errors at all. Unfortunately all of my urls now resemble this: http://www.bdrgear.com/-p-151.html or http://www.bdrgear.com/-c-30.html I followed the instructions in the install.html file and everything went fine. The only thing I did not do was follow the instructions laid out in the additional_install_instructions.txt file included in the contrib. I didn't see any note or explanation telling me when I might need to use the additional instructions. So, basically, what have I done wrong?