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  1. Anthony, there is no default pass for users, I believe it creates a random password and it sends it via email to the email address you specified for the user. The first time the user logs in with that password, he/she can change the password. For the admin, there is a default pass... its admin
  2. Strider, once again, thanks! I got it up n running... Works great. Now each time a different user logs in, the index.php ONLY displays the sections (boxes) he has access to. I dont know if anyone is interested in having that code, but I would post it here or send it if its any help!
  3. strider thanks for the reply, but I checked my index.php file... it does look exactly like yours, but it doesnt matter which user logs in, it always shows all the menus and options, I mean, it does not hide the options that the user should not see. So when the user tries to access an option that he does not have permissions to, then a page is diplayed saying that he cant access that! Am I missing something in order to hide those options that the user is not suppose to see/access? (My english is not too good, so I dont know if Im explaining myself)
  4. Hmm, what example are you talking about? I tried the if statement that comes with column_left.php on the index.php but it didnt work... could you help me a bit more on this issue? thanks!
  5. I found a very small detail in admin/index.php that affects if you are not using english as main language (as I do) Where it says: (line 77 in my index.php file) 'children' => array(array('title' => 'My Account', 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_ADMIN_ACCOUNT), 'access' => 'true'), array('title' => 'Logoff', 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_LOGOFF), You need to change to: 'children' => array(array('title' => HEADER_TITLE_ACCOUNT, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_ADMIN_ACCOUNT), 'access' => 'true'), array('title' => HEADER_TITLE_LOGOFF, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_LOGOFF), Hope that helps... And one question... I just set this thing up and I noticed that no matter what "boxes" each user has activated, every time a user logs in, the index.php page shows all the options. Is there a way to only show the options that the user has activated (sorta like what is done in colum_left.php)? Thanks in advance!