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    Need Paypal IPN Help ASAP!

    For some reason, my OSCommerce shopping cart (2.2 RC2) is not passing on the shipping costs to Paypal. My cart says I'm using Paypal IPN v2.3.4.6, I remember trying a few different ones and this was the only one I got to work right. Now it's not passing on shipping as stated above. What do I check? I don't even know where to start. I've had to turn away orders because of this issue for the past week.
  2. kdogg

    Need Paypal IPN Help ASAP!

    OK! I just updated to v2.3.4.7, same issue. It's not passing on my shipping costs. Please help!
  3. Someone told me to check the official thread but I got no help from doing that. I need to know how to remove the E.D.D. from shopping cart when using the USP XML. If a package shows up a day later then what the EDD says, people all the sudden expect a refund on shipping, free stuff, etc. They don't seem to understand what the meaning of the word "estimate" is.
  4. kdogg

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I have two OS Commerce shopping carts, both running Paypal IPN. One works fine. When the customer picks Paypal, they are given a split screen at Paypal.com where they can either enter there credit card info, or log into there Paypal account. On the other cart, same setup but no matter what I do the customer can only log into Paypal. Both Paypal accounts are business accounts, both can take credit cards. I called Paypal on the not working cart and they said its something in my shopping cart, not on there end but I can't find anything wrong. What am I missing here? Thanks guys.
  5. kdogg

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I NEED HELP GUYS! Can anyone tell me how to remove the EDD from the UPS XML? I don't want any delivery dates, estimated dates, nothing. Help, please, anyone? ^_^
  6. I use UPSXML. I would like to remove the estemated date that the package should be delivered from the shopping cart. I can't get my customers to understand orders process within 24 to 72 hours and that the date the cart shows by default is the ETA is the package is mailed RIGHT AT THE SAME time they order it. Yes I know I can add a couple extra days to the ETA but the longer the delivery date looks, the less likely a customer is to order. We try to get most orders out the same day but we allow our warehouse upto 72 hours with larger orders. Thank you.
  7. Hello? Anyone? Help please? I've been watching this thread since MARCH 14th, and still nothing? I can't believe no one knows.
  8. kdogg

    Need help with USPS

    I have USPS shipping for my international orders. It's not been working for over two weeks now and I've lost almost every sale over seas. When the customer gets to the area where he wants to pick his shipping options, it works fine, displays the correct ammounts but lets say the customer picks priority for $24 dollars, when he gets to the http://www.mywebsite.com/checkout_confirmation.php part of the check out, it's set itself to the highest shipping option like: United States Postal Service (1 x 4lbs) (Global Express Guaranteed): $51.50 It always does this. Most customer see this and assume we are trying to screw them and they don't order. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me? I have no idea whats wrong. I remember about a month ago all the types of shipping were changes to GXG Global Express and I had to play with the "1", "2" "3", etc international shipping options to make it display the ones I wanted but I cant figure out this part. Please help :(
  9. I would be interested in something like this too if it didnt display the tracking number to the customer. I don't give out tracking numbers for security reasons and everyone calls all day asking me to track packages for them. Pain the butt.
  10. Anyone? My customers are really given me a hard time about this. I want NO UPS E.D.D. on my shopping cart. Someone must know? Man, sometimes getting help around here is like pulling teeth. Anyone?
  11. kdogg

    USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping

    Question. Is there a way to limit what items can and can't use this? Most products will NOT fit into one of the Post Offices Flat Rate Boxes.
  12. I found that by playing with the fallowing, I can get things changed but the price quotes don't seem to match the services... Did something change? Use the following array to specify which international service types to include for international shipping */ $this->intl_types = array( '0' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Document Service', '1' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Service', '2' => 'Global Express Mail (EMS)', '3' => 'Airmail Parcel Post', '4' => 'Economy (Surface) Parcel Post'
  13. I use express shipping threw the post office for international shipments. Recently, its stopped working. It no longer displayes express mail prices and now no longer says express mail. Now is says GXG Envolopes and the prices are HIGH... Any thoughts?
  14. I need a credit card modules that has the fallowing features: Credit card type selection with the ability to block unwanted types of cards. Requires the user to input the fallowing: Name, address, phone, card number, card exp date, security code, etc. I also need the ability to require the buyer to check a box that says they agree to X terms. Also, I'd like it to record times, dates, ip addresses etc and put them with the payment info. Also, I'd like to have it not store complete numbers and to send part of the number to an off site email address. According to my bank official, if the card info is split up via email, that counts and storing data on two diffrent servers and makes the site PCI complaint. Any contribs do this?
  15. I don't like using Paypal but sometimes people want it. I'd like to charge my customers the 3% but only when they select Paypal. Using the Paypal IPN right now, don't know if there is a way to do this. Any help would be great.
  16. Anyone? Anybody out there? :)
  17. kdogg

    Payment Module for taking credit card orders?

    Problem is, its not $10 dollars a month. Sounds good until you call them and actually try to sign up then find out they charge a percent for each transaction a monthly feel a per transaction fee etc. By the time I give my bank there cut and the payment gateway there cut, I'm paying 4% or so. My bank offers what they offer for people who DON'T want to have to deal with a gateway etc.
  18. kdogg

    Payment Module for taking credit card orders?

    I'm interested in the same setup but I'd like to log ip's and require security codes. I've spoken to my bank and they tell me that the issues with storage only become a problem once I've run the credit card info. They tell me that when a customer places an order, once I run the info threw my terminal, I have to delete the credit card info as we are not setup for credit card info storage. As long as I'm deleting it after we process, they say I'm complaint.
  19. kdogg

    Credit Card Payment Options

    Looking at processing my own cards and I'm getting conflicting info here. I just informed my bank about the info I read here and they are telling me its all wrong and whoever is telling me this doesn't know what they are talking about. This is giving me a head ache.
  20. kdogg

    Free Shipping over amount with restrictions

    I need this too. I've been asking for months and no one helps. I'm about to start looking at other cart options.
  21. kdogg


    Tried that, didnt work for me. Still get the error for international shipping. Also, yes, I called them a year ago and got changed to the production server. Seems what fixes this error for some people, doesnt for others.
  22. kdogg

    Usps International Shipping Issue

    Still having an issue with this myself. I'd be interested to know too.
  23. kdogg

    Adding Handling Fee To Free Shipping

    What do the two have to do with each other? He is offering free shipping, not free shipping and handling. A lot of businesses offer free shipping but not free handling. They charge a couple bucks to off set the cost of packaging, tape, printed invoices, time, etc.
  24. kdogg

    USPS Shipping Module Error

    Seems a lot of us are having this problem. Hopefully someone comes up with a fix soon, I've already lost three sales over seas that I'm aware of and who knows how many others.