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  1. Nevermind, after clicking on the image link and reviewing the error log, it turned out it was a permissions error. I'm only posting this so others, like me, who read this file and have the same issue know what my problem was. I had to reset the permissions on the product_thumb.php to 755.
  2. I have the same issue as Annkay had... I have read the entire thread and still I am lost. I have installed this contribution to the letter, even wiped and started over again when it wouldn't work the first time, but it still won't work. I did the thumbnail folder tricks and anything I have found here, but my thumbnails still won't show. PHP Version: 5.0.5 osCommerce: 2.2-MS2 GD Version: bundled (2.0.28 compatible) I read this entire thread for help, but still see no images on my site. I see where the images should be, and they are sized correctly, but the image doesn't show and I see no saved thumbnail in the directory. I'm sure I'm missing something incredibly stupid, but can someone please help? Store is supposed to be live already. The site is www.wiccanstone.com The image url seems correct: http://www.wiccanstone.com/product_thumb.p...;w=92&h=100 or isn't it?