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  1. Thanks for a great mod kgt! I've got a heavily modded site but am only using DCC for coupons. I've got everything installed okay and was able to create a coupon with product exclusions only and 10% off. But then I go to test it and I'm getting an incorrect total - it always comes up $0.00: 2 x Respiratory Systems and Technologies eTraining Program $698.00 Discount Coupon 32UY5C applied: -$69.80 Sub-Total: $628.20 Total: $0.00 I've pm'd you my debug report from payment_confirmation.php - though this debug was outputted for only 1 item at only $349.00 so if the totals in the debug look different that's why. Any insight into fixing this would be greatly appreciated - I've been pouring over the support thread for hours! Thanks! - Val
  2. ivalea

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi - I just downloaded and installed v4.5 on a fresh install of osCommerce2.2 - so I just copied the files directly over the old ones. But now, for some reason I cannot enable the default template in the osC admin. I set the "Use templates..." to true and click update and when the page refreshes I notice that it is now set on false. Any idea of why this is happening and how I could possibly fix it? Thanks! - Great contrib... :)
  3. Hi - great contrib. works great. Now that it's installed though, my client is now asking to be able to apply the discount code to only specific products. Would like to apply the same code for up to 10 different products. Can this be done easily and how would I even go about it? Had installed and suggested the CCGV contrib but he didn't like it and would like to stick with this one. Thanks in advance for any insight you could offer. :)
  4. I found out that the problem seemed to be in /includes/general.php around line 484 where $streets = $street; // Second Address Field mod: if ($street_2 != '') $streets = $street . $cr . $street_2; // :Second Address Field mod For some reason, it just wasn't pulling the second line and printing it. I couldn't find a fix to this no matter what I did - all the queries were correct... So instead I ended up replacing line 157 in checkout_confirmation.php from this: <?php echo tep_address_format($order->delivery['format_id'], $order->delivery, 1, ' ', '<br>'); ?> to this: <?php echo tep_address_label($customer_id, $sendto, true, ' ', '<br>'); ?> and line 242 from this: <?php echo tep_address_format($order->billing['format_id'], $order->billing, 1, ' ', '<br>');?> to this: <?php echo tep_address_label($customer_id, $billto, true, ' ', '<br>'); ?> Not sure if this was the correct way to do this but it doesn't seem to have affected anything else. If in case anyone is able to correct general.php so that I can return the original code please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I'm using the 2nd Address Line contrib and just realized that the second line isn't printing on checkout_confirmation.php. I've searched for hours trying to find the answer, but haven't found anything. Can anyone tell me how I can do this? I found that this code on line 157 in checkout_confirmation.php is what prints out the addresses - one for billing and one for delivery - <td class="main"><?php echo tep_address_format($order->delivery['format_id'], $order->delivery, 1, ' ', '<br>'); ?></td> I even found reference to format_id in checkout_process.php and it looks like the query is correct.... but just can't get it to show on checkout_confirmation..... Thanks! :)
  6. ivalea

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi - I'm looking for a way to show the special price expiration date next to the special price. I tried to do this in sts_inc/product_info.php but it didn't work - any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. ivalea

    No strikethrough on special price

    Found it - finally! In /catalog/includes/sts_inc/product_info.php Line 32 Change: $template_pinfo['regularpricestrike'] = "<s>" . $template_pinfo['regularprice'] . "</s>"; To: $template_pinfo['regularprice'] = "<s>" . $template_pinfo['regularprice'] . "</s>"; :)
  8. I'm using STS v1.04 and just realized today that the strikethrough on the regular price is gone when special price is showing. Would anyone happen to know where I could fix this? Looked in all the files and it seems to be there but still not showing... Thanks! :)
  9. I'm using the fedex real time quotes contribution and I just noticed that when a user gets to the checkout_shipping.php page that it seems to be padding the weight. for instance if a product is 2lbs it is quoting for 5lbs. It seems to be consistenly add 3lbs for every product. I've looked in the fedex1.php file and could find nothing that points to why this is doing this. Any ideas of how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello! I'm using the FedEx RealTime Quotes contr. - works great - love it! Except now, client wants to be able to quote for specific package dimensions too. For instance he has three or four products that are shipped out in a 12x12x12 package. The rate to ship this is usually 50% more because of the package dimensions and not the weight. Does anyone know if this can be done using the real time quotes - or at all even? Thanks! :)
  11. Hi all - I'm getting an error when trying to checkout after installing the FedEx Real Time Quotes contribution found here The error says - "No meter number was obtained, check configuration. Error 1247 : Required address field missing: Contact name" During configuration, I saw the meter id field but it also says that if set to None it will obtain a new one. Also, any idea what error 1247 is - all customer info is completely filled out including contact name - and all fields are filled out in the admin modules section for configuration on this contr.
  12. ivalea

    QuickBooks SDK

    Hi - does anyone happen to have any experience with the QBSDK? How is it implemented? Is there a contribution out there for it? I searched the contributions list and was only able to find the qbxml - which I'm guessing could work with the sdk...?
  13. ivalea

    Membership Contribution..?

    Thanks for the tip Skylla - so basically they would have two different logins - so would the .htaccess file be placed in the root of the directory they will be accessing? Sorry for the lame questions... :)
  14. First, let me say, please bear with me as I am uncertain if this is in fact the correct way to go in creating this contribution. I'm not well versed in writing php/mysql but have not problems editing it. And, I hope I'm posting this in the correct place..... I am looking into how to go about creating a membership contribution. Here's how I want it to work. I am going to be offering different training classes. These files will be put into a dir. called /training/m1, /training/m2 and so on. Courses can then be added in the admin just like any other product with the product model entered corresponding to the different directories containing each class (m1, m2...). So when a customer purchases one of the courses, they will gain access to only the corresponding directory through a link shown in account.php. I thought that this method might be the easiest way to go about this but am unsure of how to handle certain issues that I think may arise: 1. How to keep members out of the directory that they did not purchase? For instance if I purchased m1, I shouldn't be able to access m2. It's not enough to just not show that link as anyone logged in and paying attention to their address bar can easily type in the url they want to get into. 2. I noticed that the product model only gets inserted in the products table in the db. So how would I write the select statement to pull not only the cust.id, but the product model corresponding to their past purchases? I think that may be it. Again, if I'm trying to go about this the hard way and there is an easier way to accomplish this I would definately be open to hearing it. Or even if someone can perhaps write this mod to work the way I described I would pay for it. Any help at all though would be so appreciated. My deadline for this site is the middle of next week. THANKS! :) - Irene