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  1. Hi I can't get the $banner string to work. The banner doesn't show, but in admin the banner control counts views on the banner. The site is http://www.trafikknett.com/demo and this is the standard layout nothing is changed.
  2. I'm having some trouble setting up customized tags I have no trouble using $about_us that I created to link to about_us.php in sts_template.html but if I use it on mainpage.php it does'nt work. I'm using define mainpage contribution. Is there any way to fix this? (mod. the sts_product_info.php or something to sts_mainpage.php?) Hope you understand my question
  3. kylef

    Norwegian translation

    You need to go to "products->products_weight" in your database with phpmyadmin or another db tool and change the lenght of decimals there. I had the same problem one time and spent a few hours figuring it out and found out that it was very easy if you know where to look.
  4. kylef

    Norwegian translation

    Never mind I fixed it myself
  5. kylef

    Norwegian translation

    When I try to add products that weigh over 10kg (10000g), osCommerce sets the weight down to 9999.99g. Does anyone know how to fix this. I have to set the weight in grams because I'm using Servicepakke contribution. Need help fast!!!