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  1. tigergirl

    Sage Pay Form V1.1

    Hi, thanks for the new module. I'm testing but have a few issues: 1) no sage payment notification email arrives for vendor (customer receives though, order emails ok) 2) what is the Sage Pay Reference ID in admin and order confirmation email? It appears to have nothing to do with any info I can find on my sage test admin account = useless if a customer quotes it to me. It looks encrypted? 3) I see references to order id - but this doesn't appear anywhere in the sage system. 4) The sage pay ref id looks odd, all with -12- at the end, no vendor name - is that correct? 5) the readme pdf makes reference to: Please can you state specifically which osc versions this fix needs to be applied to? Look forward to your replies. Thanks
  2. tigergirl

    Sage Pay Form Version: 1.2

    Read the other posts on form problems. No developers seem to read this forum or provide answers and I certainly wasted much time on form. change to "server" method.
  3. The password is issued to the vendor by sagepay.
  4. tigergirl

    There has been an error processing your credit card.

    Like I said, I don't think the simulator works on this module even though some code for it is there, I don't think the current sage protocol (2.23???) uses simulator. You need to use the "test" server at sagepay to test your account. Did you set up a test account to use on the test server at sagepay? If you are not registered it won't work so I would try there first and forget about simulator.
  5. tigergirl

    There has been an error processing your credit card.

    As far as I'm aware, the modules written by Harald on the current sage protocol are not compatible with the simulator. Have you tried with the test server instead?
  6. tigergirl

    SagePay Form Payment Module V1.20.2

    You're using the old protx form module. Best to use the sage form module written by Harold as it has the current protocol and correct urls to the test & live servers at sage. However, it would be better for you to install the server version as form version can give you lost orders and duplicate payments which is bad for business - see other posts. Good luck NB I used to get lost orders on the old form modules as well.
  7. tigergirl

    Free shipping over £99 UK only

    I thought the order total module in admin for free shipping gave the option for the free shipping to be uk only? The ot_module should kick in and the RM modules should not be shown when shipping is free. I use both and have no problem.
  8. tigergirl

    random dropped order issue - Form v1.2

    I have posted many times in this forum that I was never able to solve this issue in Form. I changed to Server and have never had that issue again. I suggest you try to get Server version working and check the fix needed if you're using seo urls. Ta
  9. Hi, today I had another order not logged in admin using Sage Form so obviously the SSL settings (from previous post) weren't the only issue - I still think one order not being logged in admin is one too many and something which should be resolved. Decided to try Sage Server. I've added my Fixed IP for the SSL into sage admin test server (didn't bother entering anything for the sub net mask). When I try to order I don't make it to the test payment server, I get the error: In sage admin I get: I've asked my host to double check the fixed IP address they gave me. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks
  10. tigergirl

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I don't like to hijack Roberts thread and apologies if I'm misunderstanding the issue. With anonther contrib (not this one) I had a major problem and mess to clean up with cpaths created like _77 & 0_77 after installing Sitemap SEO. Just thought I'd share that in case it's the cause of your issue. Cheers.
  11. tigergirl

    Recover Orders Lost

    The usual solution is to switch to Paypal IPN module and the order will ALWAYS be logged in admin.
  12. Cool, well I'll have another read of it then to get my head around it.
  13. tigergirl

    Adding Comments from OSC to SagePay Form

    Does it work on the test server? Which version are you using?
  14. This module looks very interesting indeed. I'd be really interested in the new version that you're planning at the end of Jan as per earlier post. From what I gather, the current version only allows the same text per tab repeated on each product. I'd really like to use this kind of mod for entering the products in admin so it's going to be dynamic for each different product. What I mean is I'd like to be able to have tabs for: Main description, ingredients, suitable for, how to use, manu info etc but containing different info for each product. I'm guessing it's going to mean altering the database to add the input fields in admin. I'll keep an eye our for the new version and happily do some testing as well! I like to give my customer a lot of product info but worry it makes the page too long and thus reduces keyword density. Are the tabs beneficial for SEO? As in, less info on each tab makes keyword density better? How would this work in conjunction with Header Tags Controller or KISS MT? Cheers and all the best... TG
  15. tigergirl

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I found a strange issue with paypal: If a customer orders products that cost £0.00 & shipping is £0.65 then paypal does not show a figure for the subtotal under products and subsequently there is no total amount and the customer cannot complete the payment. If I make a product £0.01 and shipping £0.65 the totals are shown and the customer can complete the payment. Sagepay does not have this issue. I think the issue is perhaps an anti-fraud thing on paypal but it is in fact quite legitimate on my site - the £0.00 products are in fact samples but I wish the customer to pay the postage. Is there a fix to make this work? I'm using "per item" but could the total passed be "aggregate" on products total of £0.00? Or is aggregate only for products not shipping? OR, can we hide paypal as an option if products cost is £0.00 and so the customer can use an alternative working payment option? My web log book says I'm installled V1.4 but I opened a file and it said V2.1 if it makes a difference. Can anyone help with the snippet? Cheers
  16. tigergirl

    Sage Pay Form - How do I Enable it?

    In osc admin go to modules - payment, you should then see the sage pay form module. click on it and the option to install it or edit it should be visible. click edit and then you can choose the radio button for true and then click the update button at the bottom of the page. Customers should then be abler to use the module.
  17. tigergirl

    Sage Pay Form Download

    I just downloaded it so it must be a temp issue or something wrong at your end...
  18. tigergirl


    The airmail module of "UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods" may suit you for weights up to 2kg. Contrib click here Actually I'm working on a zones rates for UK to EU courier today (2-20kg) - almost done except the weight/ price amounts are a bit tricky to work out. I was going to package it up, let me know if you want it.
  19. Hailstones! Winter is here. -3.9C Sunday Night! Where is the winter screenwash? Can only find summer stuff in shop. Bah Humbug.

  20. tigergirl

    Change lbs to grams/kilos in Zone Rate Shipping

    I'm struggling to understand your post but.... if you look in the language file - includes/languages/modules/shipping/zones you can change lbs to g or kg then in the module you set the amounts in the calculation to match which measure you have used. For example, this might be used for Zone 1: 1:3.5,2:3.95,3:5.2,4:6.45 1:3.5 = 1 (g/kg/lbs) costs £3.50 I don't think the module uses decimals.
  21. I have HTC V2.6.3 and I just installed a Mod (All Manufacturers V2.0). I added the required text in the file and then added the page in admin but the tags set up for the page wont show, only the default header tags. I remember that after installing sitemap seo I was also unable to get any header tags to show except the default ones. What could be causing this? Any help appreciated. I haven't time to upgrade to HT SEO just now.
  22. tigergirl

    Sagepay with Paypal Integration

    You'll need to install a paypal module then, separate to your sagepay or wait for someone to update the module. Alternatively, you can use the Server module but it is very basic with regards to paypal and I use paypal IPN module instead.
  23. In the contribution it says: I checked and found a few files that don't have require('includes/application_top.php'); Presumably one needs to add this? Can it basically go in any file or would it just be files in the route? Is is as simple as just adding that inside php tags at the top of the file? Also, I noticed one file has require("includes/application_top.php"); is that the same as require('includes/application_top.php'); Just curious to ensure I'm catching everything.....
  24. why is it never simple?

  25. tigergirl

    sage server simulator.. error

    As far as I recall, sagepay simulator doesn't work on the 2.23 protocol. I know "simulator" is mentioned in the server module, I can't remember who said it but I do remember someone saying it don't work. I think it's Live or Test mode only you can use. Probably no help at all but you never know!