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    CONTRIBUTION Product Tabs

    Hi Inovastore, It works now ~~!! Thank you guys for all the help.
  2. ping_ping

    CONTRIBUTION Product Tabs

    Hi EchoGuns & HeatherBell: FYI. I got a similar problem. I installed Product Info Box first --> it's working fine. Then, I installed Product Tabs --> only the header of the tab "Description" shows up, the entire description body is chopped off. I tried to create other tabs but they didn't show up either (not even the headers). I am still looking at the code and can't find out where the problem might be. Thank you.
  3. ping_ping

    Product Info Page Box

    Hi mbuist: 1) On your sample page, I see that Description, Specification, and Delivery Time are on separate tabs. May I ask which contribution you installed for that feature? 2) If I disable the "Reivew" function, then the Review button would disappear. However, there would be a gap between the "? Question" and "Tell a Friend" buttons. How would I fix the layout of the buttons? Is it in stylesheet.css? Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi,

    Is the "Traditional Chinese Lang Pack for 2.3.x" working OK on your site now?

    I encounter the same layout problem and I am wondering if there is a fix for this.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi,

    Regarding the "Traditional Chinese Lang Pack for 2.3.x", I am having the same problem as rabbit613928 did on the all the pages.

    When I switch from English to Chinese, the layout of the page messes up. The tabs all move to the left column and the drop-down box all get wider.

    Have you seen this problem before?

    I am using version 2.3.1 with ...

  6. I just tried it on Chrome and it's fine.


  7. Hi, I am using IE8 on WinXP Professional.

    I got the same problem with the Traditional Chinese Language pack.

    I am in Taiwan.

    Has this problem been solved?

    Thank you.

  8. ping_ping

    CanadaPost Shipping Module Obsolete?

    Hi: Can you please tell me who your web hosting provider is? My hosting provider doesn't allow port 30000 to be opened, and this is driving me crazy as I really want to use CanadaPost as my shipping module. I have no other choice but to switch to another provider. Thanks.