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  1. imcrazyjap

    Easy populate PLEASE Help

    Fxxk EasyPopulate, I wasted a day...
  2. imcrazyjap

    Customer Add Product

    When I upload image, I realized that original image is overwrote to new image file which is same file name, and original product image also changed to new product (w/ same image file name) image...
  3. imcrazyjap

    Customer Add Product

    Great Contri
  4. imcrazyjap

    HELP Please!!! Table Rate Shipping module problem

    -Shipping/Packaging ---Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship (Maximum Weight Your Freight Company Accept) ---Package Tare weight. (Change to 0) ---Larger packages - percentage increase. (Change to 0) It should work. I got same problem and fixed it by this way.