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  1. Dennis_gull

    Anybody Know What Contribution This Is

    You could make a dropdown box and then use a javascript onchange that send the data to the db and then send it back with the following categories that will be placed in the other dropdown box.. its not that hard to accomplish. :)
  2. Hello, When I was working on my site today I got kinda pissed because the new products and featured products didn't wanna show inside a category just because the products weren't placed in a subcategory but then I got the idea to register the category id inside the products table when you create the products, you will only have to insert a new column in the table products for that. And later on use $_GET['cPath'] this way you can: 1) Display your category selected products inside a category without a subcategory. 2) Display your category selected products inside a category no matter how deep the category is. 3) Display your category selected products when your on a product page instead of just displaying all of them on for example featured products thats on the side. So what do you think about this idea?
  3. Dennis_gull

    ebay auction lister

    When you say ebay do you mean the actual www.ebay.com or an ebay like store? Will it allow me to make auctions or will it allow anyone to make auctions? Edit: Never mind, I read the "How it works" :)
  4. Dennis_gull

    Notification of purchase?

    I never used that option but yeah I think so, at least thats what it says :)
  5. Dennis_gull

    Notification of purchase?

    Do you want to send a email to the customer or yourself? You can add some kinda easy code to send an email to yourself.. I think something like this should work: define(EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT,'A product got sold'); $email = "Hello admin.. "\n\n"; $email .= "Your product: ".$product_info['products_name'].' got sold"\n\n"; $email .= "More info here.."\n\n"; $email .= "more info here.."\n\n"; $email .= "And so on..."; tep_mail(STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS, EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, STORE_OWNER.' '.STORE_OWNER,STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); If it works you can place it on checkout_success and every time someone order something you will get an email..
  6. Dennis_gull

    Customer Add Product

    I read some of the other posts for the official topic and now know that its the way its supposed to be.. however it wont be that hard to make a buy now button that instead of adding to card write a email to the customer.. im not 100% sure how I can lower the quantity though :) Anyways its a nice contribution, im going to try to combine this with the auction contribution and see if It works well.. see ya :)
  7. Dennis_gull

    Customer Add Product

    Hello, I just installed Customer Add Product on one of my side projects but I dont really get the point with customers adding products if the sale will go to me? :rolleyes: Did I do something wrong when I installed it or will they always have to make the sale through me when someone buy someone else product?
  8. Dennis_gull


    It shouldnt look like TABLE HEADING AFFILIATE NEWS :) In your language folder inside the affiliate_news.php you add: define('TABLE_HEADING_AFFILIATE_NEWS', 'Affiliate News');
  9. Dennis_gull


    you dont have the affiliate sql information in the db so when you try to insert a new banner the site wont find the affiliate_category_id table information. I have no idea why it said "#1062 - Duplicate entry '900' for key 1" though. Look at the table in the db and see if something is wrong..
  10. Looks kinda funny, I recall seeing a zoom picture contribution some time ago. Heres some hits on zoom
  11. Dennis_gull

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Found the answer on page 7 :)
  12. Dennis_gull

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    This may now be about this contribution but I just a fast question, is it possible to have dedicated servers for downloads?
  13. Dennis_gull


    Hmm I just tried my category links and they work fine.. But how can conversion be over 100%? isnt 100% max? :wacko: My conversions is at the moment (on the test server) 107% wouldnt 7% be more like it?
  14. Dennis_gull


    I am trying to add some code to get it to work with flash now but just got one question, what is: case 1: and case 2: in affiliate_banners_category.php, affiliate_banners_product.php and affiliate_banners_banners.php? It only uses case 2 all the time, why? Also does the category links work with the "BUG Fixes OSC Affiliate v2.62" version?
  15. Dennis_gull

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Hello, thanks for this great contribution. Although I got one question, I've never used templates before on a oscommerce store so im not sure how it works. It doest really matter (i think) I was just wondering how to give the mail a style (for the text and such), as the .css file doesnt work on mails.