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  1. [Originally a PM] Could not find a good thread relating to this issue so thought I would sure with the community. Hi, looks like they forgot that function as it is nowhere to be found in the package. Seems strange that no-one else has mentioned this, I am not using these latest versions, tooo much of a good thing is still tooo much for my little server. in any case, you could add this function to admin/includes/functions/general.php: function tep_get_category_seo_url ($cat_id, $lang) { $sql = "select categories_seo_url from ".TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION." where categories_id = '".(int)$cat_id."' and language_id='".(int)$lang."'"; $seo_query = tep_db_query($sql); if ($seo_result = tep_db_fetch_array($seo_query)) { return $seo_result['categories_seo_url']; } else { return false; } } that should suffice for that intended function I guess. Wow! That did it! I added that code to the general.php before the ?> and hey preto! Thank you so very much! I'm very happy! :D
  2. I like this contrib - thank you! I have inserted next to my logo (moved script to after logo.gif section) To view on my website --> www.omgula.net (Note: Still in major live construction after change of host).
  3. I too am having the same issue since installing the latest release today. I am only testing at the moment, so this is a good time to iron out all of these annoying little errors. Unfortunately, I do not have much SQL experience and am in need of help! :'( My path relates to the quote as above - http://www.website.com/test-c-35.html I'm a noob at the osc thing after changing from joomla (also a great cms but support for carts is v. limited. Any help appreciated. Thanks! :)