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  1. DarkGhostHunter

    All products in Category tree

    I was trying to edit de catalog/index.php and I realized that you can simply copy the product listing again. Better explained: In the catalog, I am in a category with 2 subcategories, both with x products. How replace de "new products in x month" for a product listing of all de products under that category? Example This: To this: I know that I need to make changes in de the index.. but.. where? or How? It would be nice for someone who came in and contribute it, 'couse i don't know much englsh and php :D Anyone?
  2. DarkGhostHunter

    Descuento por cantidad de un mismo producto

    English please ;)
  3. DarkGhostHunter

    Support thread for the Image Magic contribution

    This is very useful contribution. But i'm having some problems. When I get Admin panel, and try to set de Watermark image, y say's this: That's over the table of configurations. And the left table (where you can click on "EDIT") doesn't appear. :'(