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    Border images in new_products

    <"border=0"> then followed by image link <img....
  2. Mrs Minx

    Dynamic SiteMap

    BIG help needed quickly please .... I had dynamic sitemap v2.0 installed, although after an error on site noticed that it was coming up in info box with broken link. Re-installed v2.0 and looked at my site and it is blank (apart from the left side). left side colum is missing info box also. So whats missing is main content on website and right colum. I then decided to add version 3 instead and see if that made any difference. No difference - am still missing website. Backend on Admin sitemap works well and I generated my xml's :) please could someone tell me urgently where I may have gone wrong? Followed all the instructions in install. Thank you site: www dot equineinternetsupplies dot co dot uk
  3. Hiya, Yes thats the one - but not - the one is for the product images that you click and enlarge on. Mind you I like your contribution for logging in! :) Mrs Minx
  4. Hi There, I had someone install this contribution for me but its not working anymore, I was just wondering what it was called please? I have searched under 'contributions' but can't find it. I think it could be a java type one. You basically click image to enlarge it, then this great little popup window comes up, then rest of site blacks out and it only shows this pop up window. Does anyone know? Thanks :)
  5. Hi, I pay for my images and I wanted to try and make it REALLY hard for joe blog to download my photo or image from my website. Is there a way I can do this? Thanks :)
  6. Dunno if someone is playing a joke on me - or if a page has been changed - or if this is an error in featured products contribution ... but when on my website, I was just checking to make sure all links worked and clicked on 'featured products', it takes me to featured products page (which works great) BUT at the bottom it says "These Are The Most For The Money Result Pages: 1" Arggh! Eeek! Thats not good! I need to get this 'these are the most for the money' outta there! Checked feature_products.php and its not in there. Any ideas on why this is happening and which file to strip that text from please? Thanks wayy in advance :)
  7. Hi, As title above, when I go to download a full file of the current products I have in my store, it comes back with an error saying 'internal error 500 please try again later' I have also tried to download a file to temp folder (temp folder has a chmod value of 777) and that doesn't work - same error. I am on MS2, not behind https, used 2.76 Easy populate contribution, read the manuals and even re-uploaded the files to double check everything. Without this complete file, I can't upload a thing :( Can anyone help please?
  8. Hi, when I click on: Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit - it comes back with internal error 500 - please try again later. I have looked through manuals but cannot see why this would happen. I have installed 2.76 full package and am on MS2 and have less than 300 products. Temp file is 777 under catalog. Please can anyone advise? Thanks
  9. Looking at the contribution page for easy populate, lots of people have added their comments, which makes it quite confusing. Which version is the latest/full package/fully working (english version) please? I am running MS2x - many thanks :)
  10. Which is the best contribution to use when you would like to add A LOT of products to your shop (and pictures) but without doing it all manually? (i.e. one by one through admin panel) Thanks :)
  11. :blush: Hello, I have been looking for a price reduction contribution and have searched under that and under sales, but neither are showing what I would like. If you have a look at this website http://www.jellybabys.co.uk/bedroom-stickers-c-70.html It shows you the original price (crossed out) and then the new sale price in red. Please can you tell me the name of the contribution? Many Thanks :) Minxy
  12. I would like to add the wishlist 2.0 contribution to my site, but upon looking at the contriution - there are so many, that I cannot figure out which version I put on. Do I just add the latest version then work through all the fixes and apply those? Can someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks :)
  13. Just for kicks, YES you do have to update the individual products' weight (durr) and TARE Weight is located under Configuration -> Shipping (set this to 0). Mine was set to 3 as default and I was having all the above problems. Fantastic contr :)
  14. Quick question - sorry maybe I am being very silly asking this, but I already have 200 products in my shop (got thousands to add) but now that I have installed this contribution (which is brill BTW) - do I have to go back and change all the individual weights on each product? Thanks :)