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  1. TartanTrader

    EasyPopulate and the database_tables.php

    Hi Jim Try EasyPopulate V2.41 beta7. I had the same problem as you, 1 solution was to create a blank/empty database_table.php which got me over the inital problem, but then gave me loads more. So I went back in time to V2.41 and this worked first time. I am now trying to find someone who will be able to tell me how to update additional fields on my product records. Hope this helps Phil :)
  2. Hi I am trying to install EP but get this error Fatal error: Failed opening required 'includes/database_tables.php' (include_path='') in /home/sites/site1/web/catalog/admin/easypopulate.php on line 319 Which is refering to require('includes/database_tables.php'); But I do not have a clue why this is not in my admin/includes or how I can get it. I have Loaded 5 OSC Thanks Phil
  3. TartanTrader

    Worldpay support III

    Here is the info on the WorldPay upgrade This page might give you some idea as well http://support.worldpay.com/kb/internal/re...ease_guide.html As far as what happens on screen is concerned, after the payment page is filled in and the submit button clicked on, there is a "page not displayed error". I will go through the process again and post the exact error. Hope this helps Phil :)
  4. TartanTrader

    Worldpay support III

    Hi I have an older version of OSC, Snapshot 08082002. WorldPay tell me there is going to be an upgrade and I have been trying to test my payment process via thier test server, but when it comes to the end of the process it is failing. I assume it is something to do with the resultC.html and resultY.html files. Has anyone had the same problem, I am using the Contribution (WorldPay Ver 3c UPDATED 29 AUG 2002) If anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks Phil
  5. Trying to keep abreast of this thread and understand what is happening. Could someone let me know what is meand by My admin has it as True or False, is True = On and False = OFF Also what is the difference between the two URL's I changed my shop to include the SID killer and "buy now" form today but after that nothing was added to the basket so I changed the "safe url's" and then removed the "buy now" column and it now seems to work. I think :?
  6. I have just read throught the whole topic, but first let me give you some background, as I think I am one of many who use OSC. I am not PHP knowledgeable, MySQL is being picked up as needed, I think that OSC is a great product and congratulate the people who work on it, I have even made some contributions, but with entries like What chance do people like myself have ? :( When you talk of Which I assume comes from the server, I ask the question, "Can most people using OSC get this info and if so, would they know how to deal with it, I sure don't. What I need and I am sure there are many out there is a definitive list of instructions on what to do and how to implement this code. Boa goes a long way towards this But there is also the problem with OSC V2.2, is there an issue with Pre Nov 2002 OSC and Post Nov 2002. Everyone wants to get listed but I for one, am very confused after looking at this thread, what do I need to do, to get listed :?:
  7. Hi all How do you contribute contributions on this new forum. I put one on the old system at the weekend, but it has not appeared on this forum. Did I do the right thing ? Thanks in anticipation. Phil :?
  8. Hi I am going to try and install the Big Images contribution V1.23a. At the moment I have a large image so that when the image is displayed in the popup it is big, but this takes an age to download for the thumbnail. In the Readme.txt is says:- NOTE: The categories file included is a modification to categories.php,v 1.137 2002/08/19 02:08:12 If your version of categories.php is NOT the same then I suggest you not use this modification!! Could someone explain why it should not be used, I am using V2.2 08.08.2002. Thanks Phil