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  1. Just a thought... To avoid misunderstandings the customer should get a statement of account as pdf send by email after purchase. Plus an extra copy send to the shopower. This may simplify the work, all is in the files.
  2. Hi sorry I can't help do any codings... not enough skills ... .... like "you already bought this"-module -> after customer login -> message "100$ available for your purchase" currently to cart content ... like "your reviews" in customer account a balance for credit
  3. @@burt @@MrPhil Sorry, I have perhaps not understood correctly, therefore I ask for. What is the advantage for the customer, what is the difference to Paypal. Did I use the term "Credit System" wrong and you mean credit for customers -> commercial credit?
  4. Great idea !!! For customers an advantage must be to use it like ... - free shipping - special discount - something like -> Order 3 Pay 2 - spezial "Spezials" There must be incentives - for customers and for shopowner, to place it as a part of their advertising.
  5. Thank you very much. It works really great. Best wishes Oliver
  6. Hi I installed this Contrib in a brandnew 234Gold - checked it twice - and got an error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_version_readonly() in /usr/www/users/xx/catalog/admin/modules.php(244) : eval()'d code on line 1 in modules -> boxes What went wrong - i can't find it? Thank you Oliver
  7. Thank you very much I keep it in mind. best wishes Oliver
  8. Hi, How do I change the image margin in (please see sample) Thank you Oliver
  9. Hi. I search for a way to activate or deactivate languages in the frontend. I like to have the option to add data in the backend, e.g. products description, whether a language is visible in the frontend or not. Thank you Oliver
  10. Thank you very much, it works. :D Ollie
  11. Hi, Yes, it does But I can't send another screenshot -> You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. Ollie
  12. Maybe I made ​​a mistake. But I'm not sure. When I call my index.php and go to the menu, I have the following effect. Tested on an IPad 1, IPad4 and IPhone5 see screenshots ... Thanks Ollie
  13. Hi, a really usefull contrib. Thank you very much. Is it possible to ignore title-duplicates in different languages? Thank you Ollie
  14. Hi, may be I'm a little oldfashioned but I wonder if there is a flow chart for Oscom 2.3.x Thanks Ollie
  15. Hi Gary, I've seen you youtube video. Product Page image layout in Bootstrapped osCommerce but my colorbox script don't looks like yours. Do you use a different version? Thanks a lot ollie colorbox_script.tiff