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  1. Do you have MSN/ICQ/AIm or IRC? The coding is very messy at the moment and i'd have to guide you through it. Regards. Rob.
  2. It's all fixed and works perfectly. I've even made it so it tells you how many days left till it's in stock. Let me know if you want this :).
  3. I want to do this aswell.. i got as far as this.. if ($products_date_available > date("Y-m-d H:i:s")) { $picto = tep_image(DIR_QUANTITY_ICONS.'on_order.gif'); } However this doesn't work, i'm assuming because the date function isn't right... can anyone help me work out what to do? I tried entering the date manually and the whole shop died saying there was an error on the general.php file.
  4. I'm having a problem.. i installed the contrib on a fresh oscMS2 and my "Copyright ? 2003 osCommerce - Powered by osCommerce" bar at the bottom of the website has shifted to the right and been compressed under the right hand "boxes". This has happened only on the pages replaced by UltraPics... can anyone suggest some fixes? Regards, Rob.
  5. Arien

    Royal Mail Module

    Yeah changing the Zone1 Countries to JUST 'GB' (without quotes) makes it work fine :)
  6. Heya, thanks for this addon, it will make my life alot easier.. but i have this problem whenever i try and add an Attribute Anyone got any ideas?
  7. Can anyone help me out.. What would happen if someone bought two items.. one that has individual shipping.. and the other didn't.. Could someone explain to me how the shipping would be calculated?
  8. Arien


    the answer is only a few pages back..
  9. no i mean when you write the article can you select a product for the article to be about? I've seen it somewhere where this person has "Related Products" box under his article on the article page when details of the related products.
  10. urm yeah kinda what i meant.. can you link products to articles?
  11. Are you able to display the article headlines etc in a box in the middle like the "New Products for September"?
  12. I don't mean to be rude but has ANYONE got this contributuon installed that i can just take a look at?
  13. Arien


    thank you! works perfectly now :D.
  14. Arien


    Nils that will align the text in the center horizontaly.. i'm talking about vertically.. like top middle bottom.. at the moment to text is default onthe top.. but because this isn't HTML i don't know how to align it into the middle.
  15. Arien


    Anyone got any idea how to center the text vertically in the rows? I tried in the CSS but it didn't work and it's anoying me now.