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  1. tylerd213

    USPS Shipping Insurance

    Im having this same problem. Any suggestions?
  2. tylerd213

    QT Pro Sort Order

    Hi, I have Qt pro installed on my cart. For some reason it wont numerically sort the option values. It will sort them in the admin panel but it mixes them all around on the actual cart. Is there a way to set the drop down to be ascending numerical/alpha order. you can see here what I mean: http://linedrivesportz.com/onlinestore/pro...roducts_id=1602 Thanks! Tyler
  3. tylerd213

    Quickly Update Product Stock

    I tried these updates and im still recieving the Line 90 error. I then downloaded the latest file which supposedly fixed the line 90 error, and when I go to load the quick stock updater it wont even let me and gives me a Parse error, unexpexted ';' on line 166 Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Im having the same problem, can someone help?