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    iv been told it should happen automattically when u change a product. i dont remember the instll instructions but categorie.php calls reset_meta_cache.php i think
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    cDynamic Meta Tags

    How do I reset the cache manuelly?\ I tried going to mysite.com/catalog/admin/includes/reset_meta_cache.php but then I get an error on line 40 saying it cant connect to the db. which makes sense cause the file isn't being called by another file that already connected to the db if i got straight to it. I'm getting the wrong titles/meta tags for my products. for example http://primestatues.com/catalog/face-legs-one-eye-p-308.html
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    Extra Images Contribution Advancement

    extra images doesn't work with search engine friendly urls turned on in MS2. anyone know how to fix this?
  4. bigajosep

    Google XML Sitemap w/ Admin support

    On the page for this contrib it says: " specifically customized this set for those of you not using his Ultimate SEO contribution" Does this mean it will not work if you are using Ultimate SEO URL's? If so, what sitemap contrib will work with Ultimate SEO URL's? thanks
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    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Anyone who knows search engine optimization better than me know if Dynamenu would increase(make worse) your search engine page rank? thanks