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    Urgent issue with EWAY Contrib (non ssl version)

    The issue could be with register globals being on. I had this problem with a store that was moved to PHP 5, and in the eway_confirm.php file the following line was relying on register_globals: if($ewayTrxnStatus == "True") Changing it to: $ewayTrxnStatus = $_POST["ewayTrxnStatus"]; if($ewayTrxnStatus == "True") Fixed the problem for me.
  2. All of ours have continued to work. I think from the description it will continue, however the modules won't get the new statuses like fraud etc. Personally, I'm completely over PayPal.
  3. dbmuller

    Thoroughly confused after reading the threads

    Hi, I'm not an expert on it, but I can answer a few things I believe paypal module is the standard and you need a separate one for Express. No, they can use credit card without an account. That I don't know. There's a large void of documentation about exactly what module does exactly what things.
  4. I'm just bumping this in case there is any further progress with it. Is there any ETA on it? I don't mind if it's six months away - it would just be nice to know not to check the thread until then. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the update John. I have one store running that uses OSC version 1.2. If I don't make any changes, does anyone know possible consequences? I'm not sure that any new paypal module releases will be supported for it, and if I will need to ask him to upgrade to a later version of OSC or not.
  6. dbmuller

    Paypal Express redirects to payment method

    FYI if someone else gets this - it was a weird error on my computer only I think. It works on any other.
  7. G'day, I recently setup the Paypal Express module version 1.0 and I am having some problems with it. After I log in, I select the option to use the Express Checkout. After logging in to paypal (and clicking the "continue" button), I then get redirected back to the store "/checkout_payment.php?error_message=Please+select+a+payment+method+for+your+order." I'm using Transaction Server: "Sandbox" and Transaction Method: "Authorization". It does the same using the method "Sale' Has anyone had this error before, or have any suggestions to fix? Thanks, Dave
  8. dbmuller

    Add product to cart on the fly

    Just being rude and bumping this in case anyone knows if this can be done. More details on it is that I need a add a free product when certain conditions are met. It's pretty much all done except for that. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm writing a specific mod for OSC so that in the checkout under certain conditions a product is added to the shopping cart. I've been searching but I can't find much on the topic...is there a function like $cart->add_product(444) to add a product? Thanks, Dave
  10. dbmuller


    I've been writing a mod for this, and I discovered a small bug in "ot_coupon.php", function "get_order_total". Occasionally $total_price sends back a null, so I added this line before the return statement and it fixed it: $order_total = (is_numeric($total_price)) ? $total_price : $order_total;
  11. I'm working on an update to allow editing of the gv_sent details and an update for customers.php to edit their gift voucher amount. The update is working well, just need to fix the instructions file with it.
  12. The latest intructions are missing: add the following to catalog/includes/languages/<language type>/checkout_payment.php define('HEADING_PRODUCTS', 'Products'); define('TEXT_EDIT', 'Edit'); Also, to watch out for, the short php open tag "<?" instead of "<?php" will break oscommerce on some servers that have "short_open_tag = Off" set in php.ini
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks for making such a good contribution, but I'm having some trouble. I'm running osCommerce 2.2-MS2 (very modified) and CCGV5.16. What's happening is that when an order is less (or equal) to the gift voucher value it is asking for a payment method (on orders that have free shipping). The fixes posted for this problem for previous versions don't fix or break the store. Can anyone please let me know some possible causes for this? Thanks, Dave