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  1. Hy there, maybe i`m wrong or blind but i cant get these link in my categorie box: $categories_string .= '<br><a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ALL_PRODUCTS) . '"><b>' . ALL_PRODUCTS_LINK . "</b></a>\n"; The same with that one: change to: $info_box_contents[] = array('text' => '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ALL_PRODUCTS) . '" class="headerNavigation">' . BOX_HEADING_CATEGORIES . '</a><br>' ); In both situations are no link displayed. Some ideas? Thanks and regards from Germany slicks
  2. i let that poll on my website. if you like, take a small watch for that *grmbl* hack :wink: i run ower that thread here and changed my files for that bugfixes from the people here. anyway it doesent work right. regards slicks
  3. ok, i found that file. it is the poll.php in admin that contains the wrong string. ich changed it and most things seems to be ok. but i get some errors if i give a vote in poll: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'select * from phesis_comments where pollid = '2' and language_id = '2') as t' at line 1 select count(select * from phesis_comments where pollid = '2' and language_id = '2') as total [TEP STOP] maybe some wrong in my language setup. ? use only german language (if you read my english here, you know why ;) i get some other errors too if i make a second vote: 1054 - Unknown column 'warn' in 'where clause' select optionText from phesis_poll_data where pollid=2&warn=_ALREADY_VOTED and voteid='0' and language_id = '2' [TEP STOP] maybe someone knows this bug and know how to fix it. this is a really hard hack... 4 days to make it work ... and it doesent work :roll: anyway mucho gracias that i bored you so long time :D regards slicks
  4. to late to hold on :wink: i take all tep_ away from my .php`s .. later i checked in other php files from catalog that they using tep_ too and they working fine. so i take the zip from the poll end take a new search for tep_array_merge, but i cant find any file thats include tep_array_merge. did you know wich file contains that string ? or can you mail me your working files ? got to say much tx again for helping me with my nooby work here :/ regards slicks
  5. this hack is a disaster... i take all the tep_ away from the .php`s and now there are more bugs than before :roll: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: hide_session_id() in /usr/local/apache/www/web3/html/catalog/includes/boxes/polls.php on line 3 this error in catalog Fatal error: Call to undefined function: href_link() in /usr/local/apache/www/web3/html/catalog/admin/includes/boxes/polls.php on line 10 this one in admin i think i poll that poll out :twisted: slicks
  6. :D greetings to norway, denmark and the rest of the best :shock: tx for fast help. i check it out this evening tx and regards slicks
  7. hy olby and greetings to denmark :wink: can you be a little more specific ? u mean i need to put all tep_ away from any messages in all .php files from the poll ? and whats with the statments i edit in my other files like aplication_top and any other to edit files ? tx for help and regards slicks
  8. slicks

    poll booth 2.0

    hy noobie, me got the same error :cry: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in /usr/local/apache/www/web3/html/catalog/admin/polls.php on line 185 i have a look in the search here, but can?t find any solution. maybe some other knows this bug and has repaired it ? tx slicks
  9. sorry forgot to post wich version i`m using: oscommercems2 also ich post thist time the line where te bug is going out: $cfgInfo_array = tep_array_merge($configuration, $cfg_extra); maybe this can help to fix my problem :/ i installed this poll now 5 times, every time now the same error. regards slicks
  10. i got a problem too. i get a error on the "Polls Configuration" link in my admin menue: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in /usr/local/apache/www/web3/html/catalog/admin/polls.php on line 185 dont now what this error means, but i checked my files more than 1 time and it looks ok. the error seems to be in my poll.php or somewhere else... someone got a solution for my bug ? tx and regards slicks
  11. slicks

    headertag controller v2.1

    there is a error if i like to import the mysql file: ALTER TABLE products_description ADD products_head_keywords_tag LONGTEXT( 300 ) NULL MySQL error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '( 300 ) NULL ' at line 1 the same problem with products_head_desc_tag... it looks like a syntax error ? regards slicks
  12. slicks

    headertag controller v2.1

    sorry, i forgot to post that i`m using ms2 oscommerce :oops:
  13. hello, i got a little problem with the mysql file from the headertag controller, maybe someone like to help out. ALTER TABLE products_description ADD products_head_title_tag VARCHAR(80) NULL; ALTER TABLE products_description ADD products_head_desc_tag LONGTEXT(300) NULL; ALTER TABLE products_description ADD products_head_keywords_tag LONGTEXT(300) NULL; this looks to me, that this mysql file creats 3 entrys in products_description that are needed for the headertag controller. if i look in my phpmyadmin i see there a entry with products_head_title_tag in products_descrition. i doesent can import the other two entrys in products_description. dont know what i`m doing wrong. maybe someone who have installed this "hack" can help me out with the basic installation from the mysql file. i doesent like to crash my database from the shop :wink: tx and regards slicks
  14. i find many postings about that problem here, but no working solution. is there anybody who got a solution for this problem ? tx and regards slicks
  15. slicks

    Latest News v1.1.2 Released

    no 1 here who has a solution for this problem ? what newssytems are other peoples using here with the os ms2 ? i need a working newsystem in my shop ..