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  1. I have installed the lightbox v1.0 on my local pc under the xamp server in the Oscommerce. Working fine over here.

    But when i upload it to the site its not working properly. I am having the following problems.

    1- When picture clicked it appears at the bottom left cornet and only the Close button appears on it and no Next Previous buttons are present.

    2- The background color when the picture is clicked is also not turning to black.

    I am using this contribution with the MoresPics contribution and Remember both of these are working fine on my local pc under the xampp server. I have also uploaded the files which i modified on my local pc but still no result :(.

    To view the practical result the link is :


    Any idea!!

  2. I have a garments shop and need the two contributions that i have mentioned in the topic description. Ultra pics to display 3 more extra pics with a maximizable pop-up menu. Option Type for a Select,Radio, Checkbox, HtmlArea etc controls and finally Attribute Sets Plus to apply my whole settings on a Product.

    How can i merge the two contributions Ultra pics + Option type bcoz i need both of them. There is a problem.

    There is a part of code in two differenet files which is edited by the Ultra Pics Contribution and the same part of code not the whole but a single line is edited by the Option Type. I have tried installing it but unsuccessfull :(

    Or would you kindly show me an alternative for both these?

    Thanks in Advance

  3. I have installed WYSIWYG Editor 1.6 , it is appearing in the configuration menu in the left panel, when i click on it everything is fine, now when i add a new prodcut the old fashioned simple Product description area is appearing not the WYSIWYG Editor one or i m also a newbie so dont know how to use it smile.gif and doing a mistake.

    Any idea!