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  1. ANIM8R

    Deal of the Day

    I'm quite interested in your deal a day script and how it works with OSC ... Can you set up multiple items that will run, changing every day ? Any reply would be greatly appreciated Brandon
  2. Beyond excellent ! Great communication! Helped me out with a project and got it completed quickly. Thank you Manfred!

  3. Hey folks ... after going step by step through the PSIGate integration ... I gt this error in the Admin : Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING' in /usr/home/intatt/public_html/www.XXXXXXX.com/catalog/includes/modules/payment/psigate_xml.php on line 186 Fatal error: Class declarations may not be nested in /usr/home/intatt/public_html/www.XXXXXXX.com/catalog/includes/modules/payment/secpay.php on line 13 Im at a loss here .. any help with this would be greatly appreciated TY - Brandon
  4. ANIM8R

    Woot and OSC

    Anyone worked on anything similar yet? lol ... still looking for it ! Cheers - ANIM8R
  5. ANIM8R

    Woot and OSC

    Hey Folks ... Has anyone seen or have in development a woot'esk type contrib for OSC? im thinking of taking a stab at the woot type of site for a marketing experiment :) Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated Take care and TY in advance - ANIM8R
  6. ANIM8R

    Manual CC Entry

    Thank you for your input on this folks ... I know that this is a grey area with CC prcessors. Here is the deal :) My Client has a borderline Adult related site .. not porn but Adult toys and such .. they are a very reputible and large company but being in the business they are in , they get a few chargebacks. They are currently capturing their CC's and entering them offline then destroying the numbers. This allows them to use any CC processor they choose seeign that they are not directly sending traffic to the processor. Im redoing their site and they still do not want to have it all automated ( Im stressing that they should seeing the legal ramifications from passing on the CC number ) any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Does anyone know of a low % CC processor that allows borderline adult sites ... Thankyou all ANIM8R
  7. ANIM8R

    Manual CC Entry

    Hey folks .. I have a client that wants to enter in her CC's manualy on her end .. So I need the CC to be stored somewhere in the Admin backend with the order . Is there a Contribution out there for this ? Or one in the works. Im new to OSC so please bear with me LOL Thank you all in advance - ANIM8R