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  1. Working now. A key is to add the three <scripts> that colorbox requires to the footer.
  2. I have reviewed the archived discussions of similar questions, but have not found my solution. Am trying to implement the code below found in some of those other discussions, but it does not appear to have any effect whatsoever on the popup. Seems like it should be the solution I need...any suggestions why it wont work? Am using modified and somewhat upgraded BS Gold. <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $('#piGal').css({ 'visibility': 'hidden' }); $('#piGal').photosetGrid({ layout: '<?php echo $photoset_layout; ?>', width: '250px', highresLinks: true, rel: 'pigallery', onComplete: function() { $('#piGal').css({ 'visibility': 'visible'}); $('#piGal a').colorbox({ maxHeight: '90%', maxWidth: '90%', title: '<?php echo $product_info['products_name']; ?>', rel: 'pigallery' }); $('#piGal img').each(function() { var imgid = $(this).attr('id').substring(9); if ( $('#piGalDiv_' + imgid).length ) { $(this).parent().colorbox({ inline: true, href: "#piGalDiv_" + imgid }); } }); } }); }); </script>
  3. Thanks for the advice, but I am experimenting with a more "visual" approach to look and feel (navigation).
  4. Am using BS version. Have Colorbox installed. Objective is to have a large image popup when the visitor clicks on any image in the category product_listings. This would be the same functionality found when viewing an individual item in product_info. Hoping someone wiser and more experienced can point me down the right road. Maybe there is some easy way to do this? I have been know to have the habit of taking the hard road. Trying to learn not to reinvent the wheel. P.S. I am not sure how the large popup is created in product_info. I presume it is colorbox, but dont quite get it, yet.
  5. Thanks for the schooling, guys. Was exactly whut I was looking fer.
  6. I notice content module classes such as "cm-header-breadcrumb", but cant find them in the code anywhere other than the templates where they are used. Was hoping I could be schooled a bit on these? Where are the defined, and/or is there something unique about this usage of class names. What am I missing? Thanks...
  7. MountainMan

    BS\GOLD with PayPal App 5.018

    That's always an option.
  8. MountainMan

    BS\GOLD with PayPal App 5.018

    Live vs sandbox is obvious, I was confused by the API credentials, partly because I was used to the older PP Standard setup in Admin (which was simple), and also because "API" is often used for different/direct/programming access on other platforms. I initially thought I should only be concerned with Live or Sandbox setup. Also adding to the confusion was nothing was working as advertised, because, of course, its a bastardized port over. The three "buttons" - I was seeing the PP App Start page with three "panels" for retrieving the Live, Sandbox and API credentials. I did not find it clear, should I setup the API first? In any case, I slugged threw the code, and also had to make some manual entries in the configuration table because they werent saving, but am now finally seeing PayPal as a payment option and can click thru to PayPal to make payment, and am just about to see if a test payment will work. Thanks for your response. The community is much appreciated.
  9. MountainMan

    BS\GOLD with PayPal App 5.018

    Hi there from the USA. Have been porting an OSC 2.3? site over to BS\GOLD. (Started a while back, and now coming to finish it, I see "frozen". Drat, more more more work.) FYI, I harvested the PP App 5.018 (which did not come with Gold) from github, and copied it over to my new work. The App would not do an update from 5.10, so I tried the manual approach. So far, so good. Except for the PayPal app. Previously was using PayPal Standard, which is still setup in the configuration table. Firstly, its confusing about retrieving the credentials - Live vs API. Do I need both? If yes, which first? Secondly, my credentials are not being retrieved. When I press any of the buttons, the page just reloads. In desperate need of insight...
  10. MountainMan

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Using BS\Gold, lightly modified. Am getting the " Could not start the procedure to download v5.011" error message. Have changed all the $HTTP_ vars to new $_ vars. Still have problem.
  11. MountainMan

    EZier New Fields

    Can anyone tell me where/how the variable $customer_discount is initialized?
  12. MountainMan

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Adding more info to my post above: It appears the error occurs in part because some items do not actually have a "products_model" number - the entry in the table is empty. Can someone more experienced than I suggest a work-around or mod to the code? I have done the following and it seems to work: if (!isset($details['products_model'])) { $text_types = array( 'p' => $details['products_name'], 'c' => $details['categories_name'] ); } else { $text_types = array( 'p' => $details['products_name'], 'c' => $details['categories_name'], 'm' => $details['products_model'] ); }
  13. MountainMan

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Looking for more info/guidance on the error: Undefined index: products_model File: includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/page_modules/product_info.php Line: 189 This error kind of comes and goes, as I refresh a page multiple times. Have read in this forum where it is probably a corrupted database, and a possible fix is changing " INNER JOIN to LEFT JOIN in the query". Assuming the query in question begins on approx. Line 35 in the above module with "protected $dependencies =" ....Unfortunately, this has not worked for me. Help much appreciated...and have a Happy New year!
  14. MountainMan

    Quickpay payment module for 2.3

    What is Quickpay? I found this online: https://quickpay.net But they dont list USA, which I need.
  15. Back to the issue of the jquery mobile CSS...I need to modify the look of the select-option-select dropdowns. Any clues how to do this without changing the existing ones would be appreciated.