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  1. mikeinet

    Auth.net CIM External Payment Page

    SIM definitely seems like an option! AIM unfortunately transports over a API and we have legal concerns with that Thanks!
  2. Hi - For PCI reasons, we need to not store or process ANY credit card data in our oscommerce cart. Has anyone implemented Auth.Net CIM through the "hosted" model in which the card is processed through them, then the cart gets a "success" or "fail"? Thanks
  3. Hi All I'm looking for a add-on to deny a user from buying the same product more than once. I can't think of what to search for this under so I can't really find anything... does anyone know if this exists already? Thanks!
  4. mikeinet

    Indiv. Item Issue + Int'l Shipping

    anybody? *bump*
  5. Hi All, I'm using the individual shipping contribution and I'm having a small issue. It works great for US shipping, but for some reason... I'm not able to figure out what to do about international shipping. It makes some weird prices for international countries when I make a fake account and I can't figure out how it's making those prices or how to change them. How can I make a set price for international prices? Thanks!
  6. I have a subscription service where people can get a 3-mo, 6mo, 1yr subscription... Currently they can buy all of these... which is not smart :) is there any way I can restrict them from say only getting 1 product from the category? Thanks!
  7. anyone have an idea? I'm having the same problem.
  8. mikeinet

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I never said it was... but so there's no way I can edit the order and have it update w/ the CC processor? what does everyone else do?
  9. mikeinet

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I'm using authorize.net for cc payments... and when i want to edit an order, i want it to update authorize.net's charges. Is there any way to do this/what do you recommend? Thanks!
  10. mikeinet

    Addt Acct setup after payment

    Hi All Need some help here... I'm setting up OSCommerce w/ Authorize.Net's module. Once the order payment is processed via authorize.net, I want to trigger another system to create an actual account for our users online. This is a seperate program I need to run to create the account. How do you recommend I go about this? Where should I have this script run? How? Thanks! Mike