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  1. alex121

    Need help with Paypal standard. Please!

    It looks like you are missing the following file: includes\languages\english\modules\payment\paypal_standard.php If it is not there, then it may be worth downloading the module from the addons site and reinstalling the module. Hope this works for you!
  2. I'm pretty sure you need to edit the following file, yourstore/includes/filenames.php add before the ?> define('FILENAME_CHECKOUT_NOCHEX_APC, 'nochex_apc');
  3. This is a great contribution, i am getting the same problem as 'DR1', i have installed V1.22 and all works fine except when i go the the feed page and click on the buy it now button, i get the same error and i have no idea how to solve it. The rest of the contribution works fine except for the error. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated TIA
  4. Hi, I think i have asnwered my own post. I was reading the error code manual for SQL 5 and it occured to me that if i changed the configuration id to the last id in the configuration table it would work ie. the last id was 143 so i set it to 144 so far so good just need to test it Thanks anyway
  5. Hi, I am having the same problem as DCA, I am not very good with SQL so as i am trying to install this contribution i am also getting the following error: #1062 - Duplicate entry '80' for key 1 so am stuck on Step 1 of the installation. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  6. alex121

    Shipping for idiots....!!

    Hi im having a similar where by when i enter the weight in grams which generally goes over 1000 grams, when i view the product the weight is shown as 999. I am hoping that it is just because it should be listed as less than a 1000. Here is a link which i have found quite useful, http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=223681 Hope this helps you!