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  1. adibranch

    Header Tags SEO

    I've found this section of code.. and added it.. else if (isset($_GET['manufacturers_id'])) $type = 'man'; and then find if ($type == 'man' && ($pageTags['append_manufacturer'] || $defaultTags['default_logo_append_group'] || $defaultTags['default_logo_append_manufacturer'])) and replace with if ( $type == 'top' && ($pageTags['append_manufacturer'] || $defaultTags['default_logo_append_group'] || $defaultTags['default_logo_append_manufacturer'])) However, nothing happens. Can I just double check, should the header tags contrib do what i'm asking anyway? Ie should it place the manufacturer name in the title tags when using the manufacturer filter on a product listing page?
  2. adibranch

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, this is following on from an earlier question. When viewing the product listing page, and selecting a manufacturer from the filter, the resulting page (ie category-name-c-45.html?filter_id=312 ) does not carry the manufacturer name in the title tag. Is it possible to do so?
  3. adibranch

    Header Tags SEO

    okay, thanks i'll take a look
  4. adibranch

    Header Tags SEO

    hi, yes.
  5. adibranch

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, no sorry I perhaps didn't explain well. Leaving your contrib aside for one minute.. When viewing a product list page in OSC, we are also given the choice to further refine that list by choosing products from the relevant manufacturers via the product list filter. However, when we do this, the resulting page carries no mention of the manufacturer in the header tags. So, what i'm asking is, is it possible with HTC to add the manufacturer name to the resulting page?
  6. adibranch

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, is the facility to add the product filter name/title to the category page included in this ? Ie currently a category title might be 'Red Widgets' (I love widgets), however when using the filter to select a manufacturer, the title of the resulting filtered page still remains 'Red Widgets' and does not change to 'Acme Red Widgets' . Can this be altered? Can the filtered page carry the filter name in both title and description?
  7. adibranch

    related categories

    Hi all, is there a mod which allows you to relate categories, similar to xsell products but with categories? I need a feature where the product listing page of one category also lists a related category/categories underneath it (but not the products within)...