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  1. Subimage1 is being replaced by subimage6 when I try to upload my csv file that I downloaded using Easypopulate 2.76. Here is what happens. I entered a few products in my store manually. Product1 had two images. I am using morepics. I downloaded the CSV file and all the fields are there and the two images for Product1 show up correctly as do all the other images and fields for all products. I added several image files (using the same image files that I have for the other products) to product2 to see how they would display and uploaded the file. When the file loaded with no errors the second image of Product1 was missing and Product2 had only 2 images instead of the original plus 6 sub images. Subimage 6 had become subimage1 and all others were blank. From this I gathered that in the case of Product1 Subimage1 had been replaced by subimage6 which was blank. I then created a new product3 and entered 7 images. A main image and 6 subimages. When I uploaded the file, Product3 uploaded correctly. When I downloaded, Product3 downloaded correctly. When I uploaded again without changing anything subimage6 replaced subimage1. I then had 6 subimages but 1 and 6 were the same. I am an Excel expert but I don't know PHP or sql and am feeling my way on those. Can anyone give me a hint of what to look at that could be causing these fields to link incorrectly when I upload. Thank you and thank you to all of you who so selflessly share your knowledge and work on this wonderful program. Janet
  2. Thanks to those of you who had a look. Since I received no responses and since no one seems to be receiving responses on this thread lately I decided to pay the $60 for an install but that link is no longer available so I bit the bullet and uninstalled. It seems like such a good contrib but I am afraid to start something I can't get support on. Good luck to all and thanks again to those who had a look. Janet
  3. My store is at Abdinor.net I have been trying for 2 days to get Imagemagic to work and now I give up and ask for help. I followed instructions I think and everything seems to fine. The only problems I had was that I had to create my directories manually and I was not sure where imagemagic.php should be so I tried it in includes and in includes/imagemaker The result was the same in both. I can get into the admin part fine and it seems to work. Also if I change the image sizes ther, the placeholders on the site change. But on the site, the image is broken. Properties shows imagemaker.php? in the url. What is on the site now is a fresh install after a restore. This is the third time I have done that. The sql file went in without error. Please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong. I am not new to computers but php, oscommerce, webdesign and all this I started working on about 2 weeks ago. So I need gentle guidence. Thanks Janet abdinor.net