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  1. I paid Tom Muldoon (the creator of this contribution) $250 for an Image Magic install and for other freelance work that he agreed to do. As soon as the PayPal payment went through to him he ceased all communication with me. Not one bit of work has been done. It has been over 2 weeks now without any communication. I emailed him at the email address he used to correspond with me (tom@celtware.com) and does not respond. I also contacted him via the form on his website http://www.celtware.com/im/contact.php and emailed him through his PayPal email oscimagemagic@celtware.com and he still does not reply. He also has not replied to PayPal's dispute emails either. If he makes good on this issue and refunds my money then I will let the community know. I'm sorry this had to get posted.