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  1. claybaker

    Article Manager v1.0

    Rob, I just finished adding the latest Article Manager to my site. Please visit www.claybaker.com click Articles to see the installation. I have been looking at ways to increase the content on my site by having other authors write and contribute. I have been demoing a CMS product called vivvo (www.vivvo.com). This article manager has a great feature that allows for an Administrator, Editor, Trusted Author or Writer status. A trusted Author can write an article and post it to my site on his own. A writer can author an article and submit it for review. Would you consider developing this functionality into Article Manager? If so I would be happy to discuss a contribution for your effort and a reciprocal link on my site. I'm sure that many people would benefit for this improvement. Thanks Clay
  2. claybaker

    Article Manager

    I am in the process of setting up an osC store and content site. I purchased a template powered by osCommerce. I have been reviewing Article Manager as a solution for my articles. I'm also looking at some commercial solutions. Since I'm new to this I thought I would avoid re-inventing the "wheel" and see if anyone can offer up some advice as to which would be the best Article Management solution given my needs as outlined below. While I'm biased to use Open Source solutions, I am not unwilling to consider commercial applications that integrate well with osC. Thank you for you help. -Allow members to write and publish articles -Google Adsense integration -RSS feeds Clay