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  1. I just echo'd this line in my enlarged_view.php file: tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $products['products_image'], $products['products_name'], 450) The "450" is the image width. Let me know if you need more instruction.
  2. proxykitten

    Innovative Gateway access problem

    I got this working on a Network Solutions hosted OsCommerce site. Here's how I did it: 1. Download "OsCommerce v2.2, 2.3 API" from here: Innovative Merchant Solutions Developer Info 2. Put the two files in the correct folders on the "catalog" level (not in "admin"). 3. Go to your Admin > Modules > Payment and click on "Innovative" then "Install" My settings are: Accept Innovative Payments: True USERid On Gateway: XxXXX12345 (This was my IMS website "user id", not my "merchant id") Password: your IMS password Payment Server: https://transactions.innovativegateway.com/...gateway.aai.Aai Path to cURL: /usr/bin/curl 4. Find out the IP address & Port for your website's secure (SSL) hosting. I had to call Network Solutions for this. They gave me an IP & Port number. 5. Log into Innovative's Website using the UserID & Password you used in the module set-up. a. Click on "Security" at the top b. Click on "Edit Registered IPs" c. Click on "Add an IP" d. Add your IP like: e. I added another IP with the port number at the end like so: (so I added 2 in total) When I logged out & checked the site, it worked! I didn't mess with any of the code that was provided in the API package. Things to note: I had to change this "http://transactions.innovativegateway.com/servlet/com.gateway.aai.Aai" to this "https://transactions.innovativegateway.com/servlet/com.gateway.aai.Aai" I had to edit the path to cURL (removing "local"). I had to contact Network Solutions to get the correct IP address & port number of my SSL server. I have no idea if "registering" both IPs (with port & without) are necessary. Thanks and I hope that helps someone.
  3. I've modified code from ZenPhoto (another open source PHP project) to create an automatic thumbnail that is cropped to a square (or whatever size / dimensions you want). I don't have a ton of time to optimize the code or search for glitches but if anyone is interested in helping do that, I can send over what I have. Currently, the thumbnail is called from the product listing page. The first time it's called, a new, square thumbnail image is added to a cache folder in "images." I know this goes against parts of the 'On the Fly' thumbnailer but maybe someone involved in that project would like to add the crop code to this contribution? There seems to be some interest in image cropping. Please email me at liz [at] enesher [dot] com. Thanks! Liz
  4. proxykitten

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    I don't want to start a new thread because this problem seems similar to mine... I am not getting additional_images_configure.php to do anything at all. I am following the install instructions and have added the correct (additional) files. When I hit "Run Configuration Utility", the page reloads but all the information is the same: Configuration Group "Additional Images" does not exist. Configuration Group "Images" exists. Checking for items... Configuration Key "DISPLAY_IMAGE_WIDTH" does not exist. Configuration Key "DISPLAY_IMAGE_HEIGHT" does not exist. Configuration Key "POPUP_IMAGE_WIDTH" does not exist. Configuration Key "POPUP_IMAGE_HEIGHT" does not exist. Checking for Tables... Table "additional_images" was not found. Checking for Columns... Column "products_image_med" not found in Table "products". Column "products_image_pop" not found in Table "products". Column "products_image_description" not found in Table "products". Table "additional_images" was not found, column check not performed. Any information -- a link to a resolution for this -- any suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated. I've tried searching and I can't find the answer. Thank you in advance.
  5. Here is the situation: We have an oscommerce site that has worked beautifully with authorize.net for months. Very recently, these things changed: shopping cart process customized, added giftwrap info added code to make the TIME in admin > customers > orders > date_purchased column show up as being in the correct time zone other very slight modifications In order to test the shopping cart (giftwrap) modifications, we tested it a number of times by placing orders with the 4111-1111-1111-1111 cc number. This showed up correctly on Authorize.net as declined transactions. For three days now, orders have NOT been showing up as "settled" or "declined" on authorize.net. In fact, the 3 days are not even listed under reports on authorize.net's site even though from the front-end, it looks like the orders are being placed flawlessly (order confirmation emails, etc). When I spoke with auth.net, they said the problem must be on our end, and that I should get them the "TAB DELIMITER ERROR FILES" so they can asses what the issue is. I have no idea how to do this. I've searched the forums and nobody else seems to have this same issue. So I've done these things: 1. checked to make sure test mode is OFF 2. made sure all my oscommerce authorize.net payment module settings are correct 3. reset my transaction Key and 4. verified that I have the correct Transaction ID. Help! How do I turn on or enable or view errors like the Tab Delimiter - whatevers - that Authorize.net was talking about?
  6. proxykitten

    Low Level Stock Report

    You might consider (instead of ONLY showing low-stock items) re-arranging the order so that only items that are low on stock appear at the very top of the list. I did this by... In admin/stats_low_stock.php (line 64-ish): " order by pd.products_name ASC"); to " order by p.products_quantity ASC"); If you want a specific type of query (i.e. "show items that only have a stock # of 10 or less"), let me know and I can try to help with that. I can't help out with your second question (printing out a report). Good luck!
  7. proxykitten

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Found it: includes/functions/general.php Not sure what line because mine's chocolate.
  8. proxykitten

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Anybody know how to change the order of the drop-down so it displays based on sources_id? (i.e. where do i throw in the "ORDER BY sources_id")? Thanks in advance.
  9. proxykitten

    [Contribution] Product Sort Order

    Just used Product Sort v1.4. Worked like clockwork. Well-done, all. Product Sort