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  1. I want to replace the "Store title" that figure in the top of the Pdf for a logo in jpg. ?Is this possible? Thanks
  2. Staffelpreis works fine in Milestone?
  3. Hello again :lol: Now it's all right but in newsdesk_info.php i can't see the images :roll: In newsdesk_index.php and front page i can see it, but not in the complete articles. I'm the only? :?
  4. Are there any news about 1.4? :lol:
  5.,500/page,5 Use the search tool before posting :roll:
  6. If you read the first pages of this post, you see that i had the same problem, but i solved it changing 4 lines of code. This is using Medium or Big images (i have it in jpg, but smalls in gif). Good luck :roll:
  7. Mr. alverman :lol: The final solution was: Change two instances of products_image for products_mimage. Change the lines 318 to 320 like this //Convertion pixels -> mm $imagewidth=IMAGE_WIDTH*PDF_TO_MM_FACTOR; $imageheight=IMAGE_HEIGHT*PDF_TO_MM_FACTOR; All right now with the images. I gonna start to do regular expressions to convert html characters into plain text. ?Do you think if this is possible? Pdf rules :)
  8. ?May be only the line 370? $imagepath=DIR_WS_IMAGES.$print_catalog_array['image'];
  9. Thanks for your answers and this great work. :) My thumbnails are in gif format and i wanna fix pdf_datasheet_functions.php to use the medium or big image (they are in jpg). I think this easy, but i know what lines of code a must change to do this. ?Can you help me? Thanks again :D
  10. My thumbnails are in gif with transparent background and i have tihs message when i create a new catalog: FPDF error: Unsupported image file type: gif There is no solution for this? :roll: Thanks for this great contribution :D
  11. When i try to do a catalog appears this error. :cry: FPDF error: Unsupported image file type: gif ?There is no solution? All the thumbnais from my catalog are in gif with transparent background.
  12. :idea: Are all the files in the contribution? Thank you for the contribution