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  1. Scott, you are the man! You pointed me in the right direction only to find that for some reason the full path had not been entered for the https Server for the catalog in the config.php file, and that is why it kept kicking me back out, thanks a lot for the help, you don't understand how much frustration you have saved me. Thanks again. I am now on to installing the seperate pricing module again, I will let you know if I run into the same problems as before.
  2. Scott I appreciate the help on this matter, I will be testing it once I get this latest problem fixed. I had not tested the check out phase of the program, and for some reason, when I select a product, put it in the cart, and then go to checkout, it repeatedly goes back to the login page. I have posted this in general support but have not received any word back, and hopefully you could shed some light on the subject. I never had this problem with MS1, and it appears no one else is having the problem with 2.2 but me. my site can be seen at www.spiceractive.com/estore/catalog/index.php Thanks
  3. When I go into a customer profile and wish to add update them say to a new group such as wholesale, when I hit the update button I get the error 1146 - Table 'sdmysqldb.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS' doesn't exist select distinct customers_group_id from TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS [TEP STOP] I know for a fact that this table exists, as well as it is declared in database_tables.php, I have followed every step atleast 3 times, with the same result As well when I go into modify a product, these selections boxes that are supposed to be seen to add to a specific price to a product are not there, as I said I have followed the code word for word and it does not work. I really enjoy using oscommerce, it is a really great program with so many possibilities, and because it is open source, it was the right choice to go for my client who wants this kind of modification. I will try it one more time and see what happens, but any other input as to why this might be is greatly appreciated.
  4. Working with Seperate Pricing 3.5? Sorry about that
  5. As many others I have had nothing but problems trying to get this mod to work correctly, is there anyone out there that has had it work successfully, on all aspects.???
  6. Mr.Snowman

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I am having the same error and have made sure that the table is being identified in the database_tables.php file. 1146 - Table 'mysqlname.TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS' doesn't exist select distinct customers_group_id from TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS [TEP STOP] When I go to update the user to a new group such as "wholesale" it brings up the above error. What am I doing wrong???