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  1. It seems i still have that VAT problem? Any idea? Why that is that way? Without that OPC contribution everything work great. Every where else VAT is included but checkout.php page show price without VAT
  2. My fault! Missed one thing in my store settings
  3. Hi Johnny Everything working (shopping cart show right price etc) but with this contribution my prices are without VAT. Everything else working great this moment but those price without VAT is something weird i can say. Checkout page shows prices without VAT and when look to shopping cart there is prices with VAT. :blink:
  4. Is there something what i missed totally? When i go to checkout page i have all prices without VAT? Why? anybody else this problem?
  5. Argus

    Dual pricing?

    Is there contribution available which give price to EU with VAT and without VAT and even more. EU price with VAT is EURO currency and price without VAT is USD currency?
  6. Hi all I installed following contribution working great! However i have earlier more pics (or similar) contribution installed. Now i have only one pic in product info page. When you click enlarge pic only one pic show. i have several pics available to each product but i can only show one pic. Is there any fix for that?
  7. Argus


    This contribution working great! However i have some problem if i want to update category where is let me say over 60 product. This is what i get when i try to more products in one time "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /admin/quick_stockupdate.php on this server." If less product like 10 it's working great. Any idea? And that new upgraded file doesn't give many any box where i can choose category etc.. old ones working great. Any idea for that?
  8. I have try to find that thing without any luck. I have seen this kind of thing in some webshops but not here. Maybe i am blind or try to find wrong place. Can somebody give me right directions where to get that? :-"
  9. Argus


    Hi Jack! Well zone rates makes a trick. However i have one problem there i think that goes to different category! Thanks for help
  10. Argus


    Hi Jack and anybody else too! National shipping is fine (that is not a problem to setup) but international shipping is. That is very difficult to set right. Different weights, differents countries etc..
  11. Argus


    Thanks for reply Jack! Hmm.. Of course they charged that :) If you have a good idea how to get right shipping cost let me know! Is there easy way to make that?
  12. Argus


    Greetings for all! Is there contribution available with using Paypal but don't go directly go to paypal site. I try explain a little bit what i want. Customer order goods via webshop and choose payment method Paypal. However i want to charge actual posting cost not more or less. So i want that order come to my email address instead that go to paypal site. After i have checked actual shipping cost i send invoice to customer. Is there that kind fo contribution available with Paypal?
  13. Argus

    [Contribution] Availability

    Hi! I have following problems with this contribution. It doesn't update both language. Language what i using admin area that's work great but other language just show blank in products info page. When i changed webshop language. When i changed other language than english in admin area. Works great but english products shows then blank after Availability: I hope somebody understand what i try explain here.