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  1. csjwoodward

    google checkout

    Just reading through the support forums for google checkouot, I think the reason is that displaying the google logo alongside other payment methods is expressly forbidden - it must be a seperate checkout procedure.
  2. Just check the control panel for shipping - if International airmail and surface mail have the same priority number only one will be shown. Just change one of the numbers (I think the surface mail defaults to 9) then both shipping options should show
  3. I've just re-released the new version. Which has been tested on both my development system, and my live working system. If you have installed the previous version I released earlier this week please follow the installatiion instructions carefully - the previous versions must be removed to allow this one to work (if both script versions exist it can cause conflicts in the website). Sorry for any problems this may have caused to anyone out there. I really should have learnt by know that even a seemingly cosmetic change to a script needs to be tested thoroughly. Regards Charles
  4. I think I've cracked it - just before I went ill I made a few changes (cosmetic or so I thought) to the scripts - but one of the changes put underscores into some of the names - after much too-ing and fro-ing I've established this is the cause of the problem. For some reason the scripts don't like the underscores. I just need to test a bit more thoroughly, then I will re-release it.
  5. I've just checked this on my test system, and it does look as if there may be a problem - it seems that the payment process checks to see if a shipping method has been selected - I'm looking into it now. :'( :'(
  6. You're right - I really should check things a bit more thoroughly before I release them. I have just made up a new release which I will be uploading in the next few minutes. Sorry for any problems caused. Regards Charles
  7. All the text displayed is to be found in a file called catalog/includes/languages/modules/shipping/xxx.php (where xxx is the individual module. Just change the text in there. Also for those interested I have now posted my Surface mail option - I hope it works out there - it seems to on my system.
  8. Sorry for delay - I've been ill for a couple of weeks and frankly haven't done anything. I hope to get the release mechanism sorted out in the next day or so. Unfortunately it is only in English so if people need other languages they will have to modify files themselves.
  9. Antonimo - thanks that is exactly what I wanted - have to agree that it is always better if these things can be included in originaly package - all I need to do now is sort out a release file and some instructions, etc.
  10. I think I may have cracked it - I've tested the `surface mail` option on my own test system and it seems to work, but as I said before I am not sure how to release it. As far as Airmail is concerned, the existing `airmail international signed for` option will work for most people who do not want to provide `International signed for`. Basically all you need to do is to edit one file : ./includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/airmail.php. (where the initial `.` is your shopping home directory) this is a straighforward text file - and within it you will find the text that is displayed on screens, emails, etc. All you need to do is edit the text to suit your needs. The main process itself has airmail costs excluding the `signed for` or `airsure` fee - so works ok as long as you have not loaded the handling fee to include the extra £3 to £4 these services charge. (I've checked them today on the Royal Mail site) I have only tested this generally, and it may be that there is a restriction relating to countries tha don't accept International signed for (although the post office site says that if you can send airmail, you should be able to send international signed for). But anyway if you couldn't send a signed for item to a particular country would you want to send anything anyway? I want to release the surface mail option, as I think it works (no absolute guarantees - but it is a clone of all the standard shipping scripts. Anyone know how?
  11. I've done a quick mod for `surface mail` on my home system, and it seems to work, and suggests how I could set the whole thing up so that you can offer airmail Europe, airmail rest of world, as well as airmails including international signed for. It seems to work on my test system, but I need to check it all out thoroughly before I unleash it on the world. Question is - should I provide it as an `add-on` to the standard contribution, or should I try and get it included within the main contribution (which is my preferred option). After all if I did that it would be up to the individaul store as to which bits they implemented. Another question (I hope someone knows this) is how do I get it into the contributions once I've tested it - what is the process? I used to work in I.T. and one of the biggest worries is `ad-hoc` amendments that inadvertanly fowl up the sytem and I want to try and prevent that.
  12. csjwoodward

    where can i get a royal mail module from?

    Look under contributions and do a search for `royal mail`. There are several modules on there - the one above looks good, but there is another one that has some international rates as well.
  13. I've been using this contribution for some months (well I would have been if people had been buying) and it does most of what I want. Just a couple of things tho' Currently airmail is shown as `International signed for`. I want to give option of unsigned for - is it just a case of taking out the text from the language file, or are there any other issues (eg. International signed for has some restrictions as to destination). I've also thought about a surface mail version - purely because some of my items are heavy in relation to value, so it puts off some customers. I'm thinking of having a go myself - I am beginning to get to grips with things - but need a pointer for 10. (Nb. I have a development system on my PC so can play around with things till I get them right). Has anyone done any of these mods already, or know of any pitfalls I should avoid.