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  1. MasterX

    Live Support Fix

    Hi Judoka, thanks for your help. all Definitions and Files have a right Place in Files and on the Server. Soundcard und Speaker is activated - No Sound :cry: :?: ... Now wait we of the new released Live_Support from l3ackdraft 8) regards MasterX
  2. MasterX

    Worldpay Support

    Hi OsC Friends, a very interessting and large thread. We have installed the Worldpay V4.0 Version 1.4 (04/08/2003 - Worldpay MS1) over OsC2.2ms2 So far so good... Our shop works with SSL. and SID's. Now, when a Member seen the Payment Information-Screen have a checkbox Secure Credit Card Payment... It's all??? See the picture below... Who is the field for CreditCard-Nummer, Date of Expiered and so far???? I don't now understanding... :cry: Sorry, my english is not so good and i can not follow, all the many hackcodes in this thread... :cry: Who can help me, to understand this modul and many hacks here. Many better - who can send me (via Email to webmaster@rubberangel.com) the completly functionable Worldpay-module, with all hacks. Sorry i can not so long wait of the new fixed official released Worldpay-module. I hope you understand my problem?! Please help me... here, via PN or Email. Many, many thanks in advance for your helps regards MasterX :D from Berlin/Germany
  3. MasterX

    Live Support Fix

    @ mike - error correction... I search no more *.wav-files ... ... shit no edit-function here in the forum :D MasterX
  4. MasterX

    Live Support Fix

    Yes judoka, so is right, the filename-definition put in filenames.php and table-definition put in database_tables.php. By me works so fine, additional with the Live-Support-Fixes at TOP of this thread. @Mike I such no more *.wav-files :D . My problem is, when a user calling or click on "live-support, the supporter on the support-side see the chat-window, but become not a soundalert.... now understanding me? regards MasterX
  5. MasterX

    Live Support Fix

    @Mike This modul works good with 2.2ms2. @all But i missing a Soundalert on Supportside (like a *.wav) , when a User calling the "live-support" is available/ON to the supportside. Very important for me. There is already a solution of the problem ? It gives there a code-hack? Any hints & ideas? I hope you understand me and my problem?! regards & many thanks MasterX :D PS: Sorry my english is not so good