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  1. Hi! Looking for free or pay version of admin/categories manager with "Windows explorer"-like functionality: - Copy/Move products/categories with mouse drag and drop - Open categories tree with "+" and so on Is it exists?
  2. Tnx for reply, Jack. Yes, i know. But i'm talking about DIFFERENT page titles for same product in different catgories.
  3. Hello! I have many linked products in a shop. I've noticed what HTC alvays displays in a page title "original" category of product. For example: We sold batterys for laptops, battery NB-802 suits for 5 models of notebooks. Models of notebooks is a categories: Asus A3 (this is category 1) Asus A3500 (this is category 2) Asus A3500L (cat. 3) Asus A4 (cat.4) Asus A4500 (and category 5) We create poduct "NB-802" in "Asus A3" category and link (not copy!) this product to other categories. Now if we try to look in "Asus A4500" category (or any other from mentioned above) - HTC shows to us in a page title "Asus A3 NB-802". Is it possible to workaround this problem?
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