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  1. ajundra

    New turnover statistics contribution

    Hi Emilio Is it possible to extend this to 3 years? I changed some values in statistics.php but somehow I can't get it to gather sales volume for the first year. It always shows 0 on all months. Thanks for your help! Roberto
  2. ajundra

    Header Tags SEO

    see this post: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...t&p=1394472
  3. ajundra

    Header Tags SEO

    perfect. that fixed the problem. thanks jack
  4. ajundra

    Header Tags SEO

    thanks for this upgrade jack. :) one small problem: the duplicate categories setting works for description and title tags but not for keywords. only one category is shown, followed by a comma. there it ends. <title>Burning Babylon - Knives To The Treble : Mars Records : New Releases : Dub : Sofasound</title> <meta name="Description" content="Created by Slade Anderson, the heavyweight riddims of Burning Babylons sound are firmly anchored in the 1970s Jamaican roots tradition, but with an ear for the neo dub stylings of the present day. : Mars Records : New Releases : Dub" /> <meta name="Keywords" content="Burning Babylon, Knives To The Treble , Mars Records , New Releases ," />
  5. ajundra

    Header Tags SEO

    hi first of all, thank you for this great contribution. i implemented some of its functionality myself in my shop but it never worked as good as yours. no wonder, have only very basic php coding knowledge. i keep trying though, and i stumbled across a problem, i can't fix myself: most of my products are assigned to two or three categories. i'd like to have them all in the meta tags. e.g. if a product is filed under "ambient" and "dub", then show both keywords and not just "ambient". i know that osc by default only returns one category but i was wondering if that could be changed for the tags. it would certainly make sense. thanks for your help. roberto
  6. ajundra

    Help! About Moneybookers Ipn !

    does anybody have a working version of this file: checkout_moneybookersipn_after.php my version works except this sequence here: // unregister session variables used during checkout $osC_Session->remove('sendto'); $osC_Session->remove('billto'); $osC_Session->remove('shipping'); $osC_Session->remove('payment'); $osC_Session->remove('comments'); your help is much appreciated. thanks, roberto
  7. ajundra

    osPlayer v2

    hi i embedded the player on the product info page. the pop up is a bit buggy. i placed it below the product image instead beside it. that looks great and people have instant access to the previews. description text wraps around the player, so it doesn't disturb the layout. have a look here: sofasound store
  8. ajundra

    osPlayer v2

    i have no idea where to change the "TABLE_HEADING_MP3". didn't find it. about the sound issue in the admin section: check both configure.php files for path errors. the admin player is the same as the catalog player. there should be no difference. also check the .htaccess files for restrictions and disable them. then try again to see if it makes a difference. the admin user needs read access to the mp3 folders, otherwise osplayer will just show the tracks but not read them. i wouldn't recommend to change the folder name limit. if you update osplayer to a newer version you'll surely have to do it again. that could cause unpredictable problems if you forget to reapply the changes. cheers
  9. ajundra

    osPlayer v2

    some tips for new osplayer installations i just spent the whole day trying to get osplayer to work properly. i've seen that a lot of people had similar problems and didn't get an answer yet. so here are a few tips: 1. if php same mode is on, then create the mp3 folder in the admin section and upload the files with an ftp client. works perfectly and is also more convenient. 2. make sure, the player has access to the files. if there's an .htaccess somewhere forbidding access to your mp3s, then remove it. it's the client that opens the files, not the server! oscplayer shows the php generated playlist with all files but it will not play if deny from all is set. 3. always use 44.1khz samplerate for your mp3s. lame sets this to a lower value for high compression encodings (e.g. 48kbs => 32khz) but you can override the default values. flash only accepts 44.1khz. if you use 22khz for example it will play your files at double speed. sounds pretty ugly. hope this helps. good luck!