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  1. I love the Contribution but I am pulling my hair out - what I have left of it anyway. He calculations are all good, but I cannot get the shipping charges to show on checkout confirmation. The amount is added to the total, it just does not appear. Any suggestions?
  2. cybercon


    I have the same problem was working fine until a few months ago and then the checkout_payment page does not display the necessay info for customer to redeem points. Any PHP Version 4.4.4 (Zend: 1.3.0) My SQL 4.1.22 Server OS: Linux Database: MySQL 4.1.22-standard HTTP Server: Apache/1.3.37 (Unix) mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.28 OpenSSL/0.9.7a PHP-CGI/0.1b Any help would be appreciated!! :huh:
  3. cybercon

    Points as a currency

    I am using the points and rewards module to do something like this, but I need help with restricting payment to points only.
  4. cybercon


    A follow-up to the above, perhaps there is a way to automatically apply the maximum points to any purchase and if the "cost" is higher than points, not allow the customer to continue.
  5. cybercon


    I am trying to develop a site that only allows for the use of points rewarded to salesmen for making sales. I do not want to use any other payment forms. I have installed this contribution and it is GREAT, but I have one issue. If I have 500 point and want to buy 2 products that cost 300 points each the system gives me a warning on the payment page that I do not have enough points, and if I hit continue the a warning appears at the top of the age telling me I do not have enough points, but if I hit continue anyway it allows me to complete the order. my demo site is Promo site if you create an account it will award you 300 points and allow you to make purchases. The site is not live so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. cybercon

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Brilliant! I had it set to NJ (the only area I serve) by changing it to none it works. thanks
  7. cybercon

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Sorry - I am a US merchant, no errors, no blank pages, everything looks fine, but no credit card option.
  8. cybercon

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Hey there guys- I am pulling my hair out I have read through the forums. re-installed and still I cannot get this to work properly. The EC button works no issue. I get no credit card option. I cannot figure this out. I have wet up WS Payments Pro with PayPal. I have run the wpp_diagnostics no issues. but customers cannot pay with CC. Do I need to turn on a CC module? I know it has to be something stupid on my part bt for the life of me I cannot figure it out. Any ideas?
  9. cybercon

    Direct Pay not showing Up just EP!!

    I have installed this module, VERY NICE JOB! I cannot find my issue anywhere on the boards - with hundreds of pages, I have only spent about 3 hours searching. My shop has COMODO SSL live, the wpp_diagnostics.php says everything is Good! I have subscribed to Payments Pro. My shipping page shows the EP button and I go to the page, no issue. But the payments page DOES NOT show credit cards! I have done a WIN merge on the original and the current and everything seems to be fine. Can someone please tell me what dumbass thing I am issing?
  10. cybercon

    Definitive ac vs PC Upload issues

    LOL I was not accusing the MAC of making it not work, although the thought did cross my mind..... TO be honest I just cannot figure out why it won't work. I cannot find detailed instructions on it. I could not import a windows .csv into the mac, so I opened the .xls file and tried to bring into EP the tab delimited text file. - No go. So I am hping to get the answers for myself, and put them somewhere easy for others to find. I love Easy Populate, I just cannot figure out something that I am sure it is a very simple solution.
  11. OK I am a PC guy - I know little about Mac. I can use EP with no issue from my windows system, my client is a Mac guy and cannot. He can't open my .csv in Excel, and we cannot import into EP no matter if it is .csv or tab delimited .txt I am pulling my hair out after hours of forums searching. I was doing the same bonehead move as others and typing Unix into the sheet, that is nt clear in the instructions, I am not about to buy BBedit for $200 and there has to be a simple explanation for this. Can someone please explain the forat, and EP settings necessary to produce a working file from a Mac with Excel? I would really appreciate it.
  12. Thank you for the response. I am working on a new host and they have a server based setting for the globals, I am not used to that. I installed a php.ini and that now allows it to work perfectly. I would like to know if anyone know how to make this work with Attribute Sets.
  13. Guys I would really appreciate some help. Here is more info: Easy Populate 2.76d-MS2 Server OS: Linux 2.6.19-1_3.BHsmp Database: MySQL 4.1.21-standard-log HTTP Server: Apache/1.3.37 (Unix) mod PHP-CGI/0.1b PHP Version: 4.4.4 (Zend: 1.3.0) Globals Off
  14. i guess my question was too moronic, so it was ignored. I am becoming suicidal over this though. I CANNOT UPLOAD A FILE SUCCESSFULLY! I have checked the setting fr TEMP, reinstalled like 5 times, and nothing. I can download a complete file to my desktop, But if I mod anything on it - nothing I can create partial files and send to temp, but complete only works every now and then. Sometimes the alert flashes telling me the file is in /home/facphoto/public_html/shop/temp/FILENAME.csv but I can not find through ftp. I really need this to work any ideas?? You help would be appreciated. The site Jeff
  15. In further testing I cannot create a complete file from the admin panel, but any of the smaller ones are not an issue. They all go to temp. It is a complete upload that is not working. Even if I put the file into the temp folder, it just will not work.