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  1. alex007f

    Please help

    I have install "separate products price,everything works very good,except one thing. In the home page when I click one of the product buttons" Buy now" does not show the product in the shoppingcart and also in the Home Page if I click the product button "Details" ,it opens a page where says product not found. In any other pages the buttons"Buy Now" and "Details" works perfect. Only from the index page "Home " the buttons are not working. please if anybody knows how to solve this .I will really apreciate.I try all the possibilities and still not working. Please I need help. Thank you very much in advance
  2. alex007f

    Member Login

    Hi, Any one know how to add a Member Login Scripts for the oscommerce to login into my site? As you may already know there is a login script that comes with the standard oscommerce shopping cart. I am looking for something a little different. I would like to have clients register in the customer login before they ever see the contents of my site. Therefore,.. what I am looking for is a php application that can be presented on the introductory page of our site however withhold further content of the website until one is to login to the site after full registration. If anyone knows what the hell I just said please let me know how to set this up!
  3. alex007f

    Help! fedex module error...

    HEllo,can you please tell me how did you install the Fedex rates,I want to do that on my website also,But have no idea how to install fedex calculating shipping rates automaticaly.Can you please help me? Thank you very much