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  1. I did sites in different languages as well. I can not tell for all templates, but the once I used were extremely easy to use with additional languages. I did not do anything special for that. Install Turkish language. See if you find it here Ask template provider if template will work with your language.
  2. It is really not easy to explain in simple post how to change the template. You need to change bunch of files and know some HTML/CSS and basic PHP. I would spend few bucks on commercial template to avoid the pain. If you want to learn your own way to template development you will need to spend some time learning the code.
  3. It it soon, but you can check 3.0 alpha 5 templates here I did not try them yet, but looking at the HTML code looks good and DIV based.
  4. Thanks for your comment. I know that I need to alter contribs. I think I can do that. About JavaScript. I checked some big ecommerce retail sites and they do not work without JS. Should I really worry about that? 10% sounds big amount. I really like all the features in this template
  5. I am thinking to purchase AJAX enabled template from algozone for one of my sites. http:// www . algozone . com/ oscommerce-templat...321-p-1573.html It has cool way to show search and list products. I really like it, despite the price :( Does anyone has any suggestions? Any harm in having AJAX for products display? Please help me make a final decision.
  6. You can try to use Easy Populate. You can get products out. Add attribute to all products and put it in back. FYI. You can use Excel for tab delimited file from Easy populate. Works good.