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    Populate Cart

    The handling of product options/attributes in OSC (and in most contibutions) is generally poor - but at last this contibution shows the way forward.. A fast easy method of handling attributes on orders, which I am sure will be copied.. great contribution, thanks A couple of features.. 1. If a product has multiple attributes (eg size and colour), then although the attrpopup handles all of the attributes properly, only the last attribute seems to be added into the cart. I have looked at the code, and can see lots of code that looks like it should handle this but i cannot identify where it is losing the early attribute info. 2. If the order has multiple lines for the same item but with different attributes (eg shirt-green AND shirt-red) then only the last line item is added to the cart. Any ideas ?
  2. Installed the contibution no problem (although I would prefer the install.html without the scrolling boxes) Wishlist: In addition to the sort order (already mentioned) I would like to see product option weights added to a future version. I like the interface a lot and would like to see it expanded to make a vastly improved replacement for product_attributes.php rather than be part of categories.php (which is big and slow enough). Features: Could just be me.. But I am finding that each time I add an option to a product, that the option itself is being added into option_values as well - so that the option appears multiple times. Also, after adding an option to the product and updating, the product then appears to have a random set of options available, rather than the previous ones plus the new one. Any ideas ?