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  1. stubbsy

    Typical "How to" questions

    How to set up multiple stores with different domain names and shared admin
  2. Hi, I have installed this and have it working ok as far as I can see from the Tag Assistant but my product values are all 0.00 as you can see <script type="text/javascript"> var google_tag_params = { ecomm_prodid: '4102', ecomm_pagetype: 'product', ecomm_totalvalue: '0.00' }; </script> My site is http://www.coastwatersports.com/ you can check any product they are all 0.00 Any idea whats up? Thanks Dave
  3. stubbsy

    Request Product Reviews

    Thanks Jim for an excellent addon. I've just backdated it so that any orders from the past 6 weeks will get emailed and I have reviews rolling in as we speak! Much appreciated Dave
  4. stubbsy

    Request Product Reviews

    Thanks for that, sorted :)
  5. stubbsy

    Request Product Reviews

    Hi there, I've just installed this and have it working but I'd like to send it to customers who have ordered in the last 30 days. At the moment, as per the instructions, all orders have a reminder_set status of 1 What I want to do it make that 0 for orders < 30 days old So something like this UPDATE orders SET reminder_sent = 0 where last_modified <= date/ time Any ideas how to finish it off :) Thanks Dave
  6. stubbsy

    RSS News

    I just popped it into google and it seems its a known issue with rss and wordpress Here is the fix incase anyone else is using wordpress as their feed source http://www.malcolmcoles.co.uk/blog/wordpress-smart-quotes/
  7. stubbsy

    RSS News

    Hi Burt, I just typed it into wordpress and thats what it came out with when i added the feed Maybe theres a setting for it, I'll take a look Thanks Dave
  8. stubbsy

    RSS News

    Hi Jack, If you're around sometime I've just installed this on my hompage and have a problem with wierd / special characters and I wondered if you could help? The feed is coming from my wordpress blog here http://www.coastwatersports.com/blog/feed/ And I've put it on the bottom of my homepage here http://www.coastwatersports.com/ The problematic title of the feed post is The sunshine’s here and I need some new sailing clothing! and it gets translated as The sunshine’s here and I need some new sailing clothing! There's also another one below Our Gul Bodyboards don’t come with the... Any ideas? Thank you Dave
  9. stubbsy

    Amazon/eBay interface?

    Hi, I've used this for a couple of years only on eBay and overall it works great, I have a heavily modified store with attributes stock as one of the major differences and magnalister worked with it fine. During that period I had a few issues with stuff on the site going out of stock and ebay not being updated to match due to problems with the inventory not being synced. Magnalister host the inventory themselves and somehow a lot of the products we had listed through magnalister had got deleted from their database, hence them going out of sync. But apart from that you can easily upload as much as you want and if you set ebay to repeat at the end of the listing period then you can pretty much forget about it. The orders come through as if they were done on the oscommmerce site and on ebay everything gets updated when you mark orders updated on the site. Overall, despite the problems, i would highly recommend it Hope that helps Dave
  10. stubbsy

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    For anyone getting the error "FPDF error: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file" none of the fixes in this thread worked for me and eventually I found this fix which worked! http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/379324-fpdf-error-some-data-has-already-been-output-cant-send-pdf-file/ Hope that helps someone!
  11. stubbsy

    No Paypal button with Paypal Standard instal

    Did you ever find a paypal express addon that automatically creates the account for the customer? Nearly every website I buy stuff on using paypal completes that info for me and I find it hard to believe that there isnt one knocking around yet for osc. we get complaints from customers that they shouldnt have to fill in the create account form when buying stuff with paypal as paypal already has all that info Cheers Dave
  12. ignore that last request, i'm not sure what i was doing wrong but its working fine now :)
  13. Hi all, does anyone know how to make the featured products appear on more than 1 row? Thank you Dave
  14. I have a question about how this functions with QT Pro, which I hope someone can help with... I sell for example a race kit made up of a jersey, pants and gloves. Jerseys range from S - XXL Pants from 28 - 38" and gloves from S - XXL Now that's quite a few options. What I thought I would be able to do with this was to put a quantity next to each item. e.g. Jerseys S = 1 M =10 L = 9 XL = 11.. etc then the same with pants 28" = 5 30" = 6...etc Gloves S = 3 M = 5...etc and so on. But all I seem to be able to do it to pair everything together so I have to enter Jersey Pants Gloves S = 1 28=1 S=1 and I have to try and think of every possible combination that a customer might select. Is this how its supposed to work? Any advice appreciated :) Dave
  15. Thank you very much, hard to believe that this functionality was already there :) Much appreciated Dave