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  1. This is the revised version of Store Pickup 1.0 by Michael Halvorsen made to work with the new checkout procedure. If you do not use the new checkout there really is no need to upgrade to this version. It allows your customers to collect their order at your actual office / shop instead of paying you to ship it to them. Direct link to the Download Section: Store Pickup v1.1
  2. There are two scenario's: 1) you add the break tags when you insert into the database 2) you add the break tags on product_info.php Option 2 will probably be the easiest; use the nl2br() function to echo the products description.
  3. mattice

    PayPal module question/problem

    Not sure of your first question, but yes, the Paypal IPN does prevent your scenario - that I am sure of. Kind regards Matthijs
  4. mattice

    advice of payment modules

    You should investigate what you need, we can't decide for you. Their rates and availability differ per country of origin and also per monthly turnover, or even goods being sold.
  5. mattice

    Assign a Zip Code to Each Product

    1) have a table containing all the possible zips and their location (degrees?) 2) add extra field to products table containing the zip id from table above 3) modify the shipping module to calculate differences between clients zip (taken from the zips table) and products zip.
  6. mattice

    Define Mainpage Parse Error

    There should be an INSTALL text ...? There is in my version - I am sure of that, perhaps not in an update - try a lower version number. @ John - yes indeed, a lot of stuff happened recently which has prevented me from further working on the new version. Tommorrow Mark and myself will leave for Germany so I think it's safe to say it will be at least another week before I even get the chance to look at the code again. But once finished I promise it will be nice, clean and easy to install :D Regards Matthijs
  7. mattice

    Define Mainpage Parse Error

    I've decided the mainpage contribution has it's drawbacks (ie no preview, hassle with files etc) so I have started on a new improved version which is a complete re-write (or actually define_mainpage is a cheap hack :) ) The new version will be database based. That will allow me to do previews and will be a lot easier when you add a language. Since it's a somewhat bigger jobbie it will not be finished tonight but hopefully later this week - I have 20% done right now. Regards Mattice
  8. mattice

    Define Mainpage Parse Error

    6 Apr 2002 was the last version I did - its been a while since I looked at it, but from memory it was a very MINOR change because I used a function in the example text that was no longer available in MS2 - and a text typo (not code) That was it. By the looks of it (all due respect) things haven't improved with the most recent upgrades - I've recently got quite some e-mail requests over it. New version is still on my to do list (also because of the improperly starting PHP tag) but I haven't gotten around to do it. If you look at what I did in version 1 you should be able to figure it out with a crisp define_languages.php from MS2 - it's not complicated at all. If I find the time today I will create an update. Regards Mattice
  9. mattice

    Define Mainpage Parse Error

    Does your regular define LANGUAGES work? Its a strange error - I can't see anything really obvious. And did you change the index.php to actually echo the changes? (As described in the text file - think its still called default.php there) Mattice
  10. mattice

    Define Mainpage Parse Error

    Does it do it on other languages too?
  11. mattice

    Cant find "hide product images"

    Most modern browsers ( Firefox is a good one http://www.mozilla.org ) will have the option to load a site without images. If you know you're users it might be a good alternative. Or they could start surfing with Lynx... ;) You can't really distinguish these users untill they are logged in. Once they are you could, based on that, give them an alternative tep_image() function, one that doesn;t actually display output. HTH Mattice
  12. mattice

    Problem with payment method

    Did you test it manually? Don't want to stress you but if you don't receive the card numbers and haven't changed the code I would seriously investigate as someone might have circumvented the server (ie hacked you) :(
  13. mattice

    Looking for contribution

    I don't think there is any existing contribution that could serve as a base for that. The attributes are too cumbersome IMO so I would code something from scratch. Dropping it in the cart as a single product shouldn't be too much of a problem, you basically update the description / price in the order table instead of adding it. As for the limitation on ordering the samples - you can never be 100% sure, customers can always register under another name and re-order samples. Regards, Mattice
  14. mattice

    SID killer with 2.2MS2

    Yes it's integrated. See the session / cookie settings.
  15. mattice

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Seems to be your TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS is not defined in the database table defines... so mySQL can't find it. Adding a define('TABLE_PRODUCTS_GROUPS', 'whateverthenameis'); should fix it. Mattice
  16. Quick Stock Update v1.0 [2.2-CVS - ALL CHECKOUTS] This stand-alone tool will allow you to update the stock on an entire category at once (on a per product basis). An optional checkbox will set the products status based on the stock quantity for that product. (so it is compatible for those of you that use the status_id field for other purposes) Category browsing is done through dropdown boxes for each root category. (If there are products in the root category it will include a dropdown with all the categories.) Just one file to upload, no changes needed to osCommerce files. Optional parameter to set the max products per row. screenshot: Download: http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ons,768/type,3/ Mattice
  17. mattice

    Individuelle Versandkosten

    Gentlemen - please talk English on this forum. If that is a problem please visit http://www.oscommerce.de Danke, Mattice
  18. mattice

    State Based Rates - next version requests

    <?php /* $Id: pips.php, v 1.0 2002/11/18 14:29:56 mattice Exp $ Based upon zones.php by wilt, written for: osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2002 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License ... I like it - although I don't use it as I am in Europe. Thanks, Mattice
  19. mattice

    State Based Rates - next version requests

    Your code is based on my PIPS module; http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,511 (The Readme text is still pretty much identical)
  20. mattice

    State Based Rates - next version requests

    Correct credits?
  21. mattice

    Define Mainpage error in admin

    seems to me its server settings then :(
  22. mattice

    Define Mainpage error in admin

    Does the define_language tool work? This mod is the same code, just fixed on a single file. Mattice
  23. Don't think that would be good idea as this character has shown unacceptable behaviour in more than one way. (GPL / copyright violations, not paying for commercial work done etc.) You missed all the fun ;) But the GPL obviously allows us all to take and improve this contribution and re-release that again. Mattice
  24. mattice

    Define Mainpage v 1.2 problems

    It will be in some way - not sure but I think you have to set permissions (through the DB) on each file in the Admin dir - mine being a "new" and unknown file could cause it to deny you the permission to execute it. Mattice
  25. mattice

    Define Mainpage v 1.2 problems

    I have never seen the forbidden.php - that's not in my mod - or am I missing something here? Mattice