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  1. Eurofreelancer

    Callback Worldpay

    Hi all, I've tried seeker's suggestion with the if statement, however this didn't seem to work, however, you can control whether or not STS shows the template through the URL: http://www.mydomain.com/wpcallback.php?sts...mp;sts_normal=1 This gets rid of the blank page problem, however all responses now come back as "Request was Cancelled!" - so I'm not sure whtehr this is a fix or not as the system still doesn't update the orders. I also just duplicating the STS application_bottom.php to the above settings and change the include in the wpcallback.php file to the duplicate, but this had the same effect of the order comming up as "Cancelled" (not Completed/Denied). Anyway, anybody got a solution to actually get the callback to not be cancelled? or is this STS fault as well? Cheers, EF
  2. Eurofreelancer

    Worldpay support III

    Wrong forum - delete this....